10 Reasons Why Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

Do guys fall in love when they miss you? It is a question many women want to know the answer to.

It’s not the case with all guys, but it is for many of them. There are several reasons why guys fall in love when they miss you. Some reasons are their own insecurities, like getting jealous or afraid to loose you to someone else.

Other reasons have to do with personal preferences like being more attracted to independent women or just like the challenge to persuade a girl to like them.

Do Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You?

It is not uncommon for guys to fall in love when they miss a woman because men fall in love when you’re absent and not when you’re present.

Let me explain…first of all, the guy actually needs to like you for him to miss you in your absence.

Do Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

When he’s attracted to more than your physical appearance, he will start missing certain things about you when you’re not around.

He’ll miss the support you give him, the sound of your voice, and the way you laugh.

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He’ll start wondering what you’re doing, and his desire to spend more and more time with you will grow. 

Why Do Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You?

Why Do Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

There are several reasons why guys fall in love when they miss you. Here are ten reasons why guys fall in love when they miss you. 

#1 It’s In Their Nature To Chase Women

Men are competitive by nature, and one of the things they compete over is women. However, they don’t compete over any woman, she must be of high value.

A female who doesn’t give her time and attention to just anyone is very attractive to a man, and he’ll move heaven and earth to be with her.

It’s In Their Nature To Chase Women

So when he calls and wants to take you out on a date but you’re not available, he will try even harder to win you over, and it’s the effort he puts into the chase that makes him fall in love with you. 

#2 He Gets Afraid When You’re Not Around

His fear when you’re not around is due to your perceived value. Think about it like this.

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When a woman is unavailable, it means she’s got other stuff going on, whether working on her goals or spending it with others.

The bottom line is she’s not spending her time with him. When you’re not with him, you’re probably meeting other people, and what if you meet a guy you like more than him?

He Gets Afraid When You’re Not Around

What if all your friends are single, and you start missing the single life when you’re with your girls?

What if you realize it’s the wrong time to be in a relationship right now?

Your absence will lead to him asking so many questions that he’ll become afraid of losing you. This fear will drive him to fall in love with you. 

#3 He Starts Getting Jealous

Healthy jealousy in a relationship is good because it makes couples value each other more.

When a man knows you’re desirable to other men, he steps up his game to ensure you don’t start considering upgrading him.

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When you’re not together, he starts wondering who is more important in your life apart from him.

He realizes that he doesn’t want to spend too much time away from you if you find someone else who can do more for you than he can. 

#4 They’re Not Having Sex

If you’ve got to the point in your relationship where you’re having sex with your boyfriend, not seeing you for a while will make him miss you.

They’re Not Having Sex

This is especially true if you’re having mind-blowing sex. He’ll want more of it, and your absence will drive him crazy.

He’ll spend all his time remembering what it’s like in between the sheets with you that he’ll fall head over heels in love with you. 

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#5 Men Like A Challenge

Men are not attracted to easy women, the type who are so desperate for a relationship that any guy will do.

They need to know that out of all the men who want to date you, you’ve carefully evaluated who you want to be with, and you chose him because of everything he did to win you over.

If taking you out for a Nando’s date is enough for you to fall in love with him, he’ll start looking elsewhere very quickly.

However, if you’re still dating other guys because it means you’re not sure about him, he’ll fight harder for you. 

#6 Men Are Attracted To Independent Women

Men like women who’ve got their own life. A female with an active social life and someone who’s working on their goals is very attractive to a man.

It means that she is her first priority, and if she’s going to date someone, he better be worth her time. 

Men Are Attracted To Independent Women

#7 Men Need Time To Process Their Feelings

According to Dr. Rick Nauert, stress shuts down the male brain, particularly the part of the brain responsible for feelings.

During this time, he needs to be alone to process his emotions. He might take his gym sessions to the next level or play sports for some stress relief.

If you’re wondering why it would be stressful for a guy in a relationship, it’s not the type of stress you’re thinking about.

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He’s not frustrated or worried about anything, but the fact that he’s developing feelings for you makes him slightly uncomfortable.

When you’re unavailable, it gives him the time he needs to process these feelings, and this will cause him to miss you. 

#8 Men Are Not Attracted To Clingy Women

Clingy women are a turn-off to most men. They’re not mysterious, making it very obvious that they’re desperate for a relationship.

When a man knows he doesn’t need to do much to get a woman, he loses interest and starts thinking about other women he can conquer. 

Men Are Not Attracted To Clingy Women

#9 Because You’re Invested In Yourself

A woman who’s heavily invested in herself doesn’t have time to invest in everyone. It means she’s not readily available and has more important things to take care of than a relationship.

A woman like this is very appealing to a man because it means she won’t be dependent on him for emotional stability because she’s already emotionally stable. 

#10 Men Get Bored Easily 

Many men have been known to cheat on their partners because they get bored. The relationship becomes predictable.

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They know what to expect and when to expect it, so they have nothing to get excited about.

Men Get Bored Easily

However, when you’re unpredictable and don’t give too much away, he becomes intrigued, and this is heightened in your absence. 

What Does Make A Guy Miss You?

If you’ve been asking yourself the question, does absence make a man miss you? The answer is absolutely.

Think about it like this: would you miss them if you lived with your partner and saw them every day?

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No. So you’ve got to create distance before the guy you’re seeing truly appreciates you and starts missing you. Here are four reasons why men miss their girlfriends.

What Does Make A Guy Miss You

#1 When She’s On Vacation With The Girls

Going on vacation with the girls is a big one for several reasons. First, you’re probably in a hot country lounging on the beach in a bikini.

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Second, you’ll be going out every night meeting new people, and finally, he won’t be able to reach you. This combination will drive a guy crazy, and he’ll have sleepless nights counting the days until your return. 

#2 When She Doesn’t Answer The Phone

Men are used to women being so desperate for a long-term stable relationship that they always make themselves available. They don’t want to miss a phone call or take too long to text back in case he thinks they’re playing games.

When She Doesn’t Answer The Phone

However, it’s better that you’re not always available because it shows that you’ve got a life outside of him, and that makes him miss you. 

#3 When She Goes Clubbing With The Girls

Men would prefer that their girlfriends didn’t go clubbing without them because they know what other men are like. As much as it’s a compliment that other men are hitting on his woman, it’s also slightly worrying.

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It’s not that he doesn’t trust you, but there’s always the chance that you might get a bit too drunk and end up making out with some handsome guy he can’t compete with.

So going out without him will have him on edge. He’ll realize how much he likes you and doesn’t want to lose you. 

#4 When She Stops Posting On Social Media

Stop if you’re the type to post a lot on social media about what you’re doing.

Your boyfriend will be used to seeing highlights about your day or your nights out.

When She Stops Posting On Social Media

Although it’s nice to keep your friends up to date about what’s going on in your life, it can work against you when you’re in a relationship.

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Since you speak to him often, he knows a lot about what’s going on with you. So when you stop posting, the curiosity will make him miss you.

Also, if he’s used to you telling him about every last detail of your life, post about something you haven’t told him about and make sure it’s fun. When he sees the post, he’ll wonder why you didn’t tell him about it. 

How Long Does It Take A Man To Miss A Woman He Loves?

No research has been conducted on how long it takes a man to miss the woman he loves.

But as you’ve just read, men miss their girlfriends for many reasons, such as he remembers what her perfume smells like, he misses the sound of her voice, and he misses the way she kisses him.

How Long Does It Take A Man To Miss A Woman?

But for a guy to miss a woman, there needs to be absence, so if you want your lover to pine for you, become unavailable for some time, and he’ll miss you like crazy. 

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about men and why they fall in love. 

What makes a man fall deeply in love with a woman?

A woman who ticks all the right boxes and makes him feel at peace with his decision will make a man fall deeply in love with a woman. 

What are the signs that a man is falling in love with you?

He wants to spend more time with you. He introduces you to his friends and family. He does something special for you on your birthday. 

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What are the signs that a man is falling in love with you

Read our article about the early signs he is falling in love with you if you want to know more.

Why do men fall in love? 

There is no special reason why a man falls in love other than he’s met the woman who makes him feel complete. 

Final Thoughts

As you’ve read, men love to chase women, and falling in love when you’re absent and not when you’re present is true.

However, there’s a fine line between a guy thinking you’re playing childish games and him believing that you’re a high-value woman with other options, which is why you’re not always available when he wants to take you out.

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The key is to drip-feed him each time he does something nice for you. Let him know you had a great time and enjoyed his company, then disappear.

The more you’re absent, the more he’ll want to be with you, and it won’t be long before he falls head over heels in love with you. 

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