Q & A: Ex Narc Boyfriend Threatening my Life

Q:My ex narc boyfriend is playing “spite and malice” and he is threatening my life if i ever have relations with anyone and im scared. He knows my social social security number, he spys on me at work, sending members of his family in and we are not together anymore. He said the only way to stop this is death, and im scared. Please i’m scared to go to the cops i’m.scared. I need peace i want happiness but im always looking over my shoulders. What can i do? He is a very smart man, he is older than me. I’m 27 and he is 57. Is there anything i can do for help?

A: As scared as you are of the police, you need to go to them and tell them about the death threats. Get a restraining order. Do NOT continue contact with him. NO CONTACT- no emails, no phone calls, no texts, no Facebook, or any other sort of communication. Not even once. A narcissist will not stop until YOU stop feeding his “fix” of Narcissistic Supply. Remember- all reactions, even negative ones, are attention and, therefore, give him his fix of Narcissistic Supply. If you truly ignore him-completely- he will eventually find another victim that will be easier to get his Supply from.

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One thought on “Q & A: Ex Narc Boyfriend Threatening my Life

  1. Wow. I thought my only problem was my own with this condition. If he is making your life a hell, married for 24 years to that type of person, get out now! Don’t ever think violence is good. Honestly, I am your friend cause I get it. Sending him to jail is not going to stop the that type of behavior. He knows it. However, I understand that you are still wondering about why i am on this site. It is cause I still am fighting all that was taken away from me. Are the death threats real? Contact me directly. buysellrentpropertiesnow@gmail.com.

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