Q & A: Does This Seem Like Narc Behavior?

Q: I Met the love of my life. A handsome firefighter who seemed generous, spoiled me with romantic affection at all times etc etc. Asked me to marry him in a beautiful way and then we fell apart. Four years later he would only booty call me or ct as if I meant nothing to him. He would threaten to stop talking to me if I didn’t say the right things and I had to totally cater to his needs. I am in ruins. I feel depressed every day and he is just fine after telling me I was the love of his life but then dating other women constantly. Does this sound like narc behavior?

A: You cannot diagnose narcissism without seeing the individual in person, without more information, without knowing more of the whole picture. On the other hand, the cluster of behaviors you did mention certainly are red flags for narcissism. But they could also be red flags for other disorders or for an anger-filled failed marriage. My biggest concern is that you are feeling depressed every day and that he is being unfaithful but still having marital relations with you. Have yourself checked for STD’s and use protection at all times. And, please, schedule an appointment with a counselor or therapist to help you with your depression and to further clarify what is going on in your marriage.

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