Does Karma Hit Back at The Narcissist?

Some (well, most) people I know would agree that karma serves those who ask for it over time. It might be a slow burn or fast – either way – it knows where it needs to be. That’s why people are so drawn to it.

Narcissists seem to go through life without any problems, and it can be frustrating for those who they leave in their tornado path. 

As those subject to the abuse of a narcissistic attempt to pick themselves up and start again, they wonder:

Will karma ever get revenge on these toxic people?

The truth may surprise you…

Walking The Perfect Path

Narcissists are well renowned for walking the path of perfection without bumps, pauses, or stumbles—they own what they do. 

It’s frustrating. All you want to do is witness their downfall. Some mistakes they make that invite the wandering minds of others to question their authenticity.

You feel—and quite rightly—that it’s about time Karma paid them the visit of all visits.

The trouble is, all you see is their perfect life playing out, while you continue to suffer at their snide comments when nobody is looking. You try hard to get them into situations where anyone will notice something not being right – to no avail.

So, is the path of the narcissist always going to be so perfect?

Underneath it All…

Bubbling away under the surface are layers and layers of revelation waiting to come to the surface.

Think about all those times the narcissists skips to the front of the line. Or the moments they make critical comments to unsuspecting people. Perhaps they make a promise that they will fail to meet with somebody. 

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The narcissist can’t go through the rest of their lives without a bump in the road because, eventually, lies and pretense catch up with everybody.

Everytime the narcissist tells a lie, it’s a lie they have to remember for next time. Other people will pick up on any distortions in their truth. Believe me when I say that they will sit up and take notice.

Waiting for That Moment

As you wait for that precious moment karma finally catches up with the narcissist, it can look like several different things.

The first scenario is that actually, people begin to pull away and distance themselves from the narcissist. They almost feel worn out around them, without fully knowing why. The term ‘narcissist’ may not even be being thrown around, but there will be a definite energy shift.

You have to remember this; people aren’t stupid. Although narcissists will always have a few flying monkeys scattered around them, they won’t always be able to convince everybody of the false, genuine persona they’re exuding.

Waiting for this to happen can feel like you’re waiting an entire lifetime. I know that comes from your personal need to hurry the truth along because of all the suffering you’ve had to experience. 

The worst part about narcissistic abuse are the years and years of gaslighting that comes with it. When your reality is literally stolen from you and you want it back. You want to make sense of it all without the calculated and covert efforts of the narcissist getting in your way.

You just want justice. 

It will come. 

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You may not win all your family or friends back, especially if they have been taken under the illusion of the narcissist, but you will eventually see some awakening. 

The Mask Always Slips

The mask the narcissist parades around wearing is a magnet for the unsuspecting. People will fall for the charm and they will tell the world what a wonderful person the narcissist is.

You will probably feel your most frustrated when you hear nothing but positivity about the narcissist. That’s what they want. 

This mask, though, isn’t everything-and-always-proof. Eventually, it will begin to slip. That sickly sweet, charismatic pretense the narcissist has been portraying and omitting will fade, and once that happens, nothing is ever the same.

Karma will begin to do the work you always wanted to do but could never properly. What you wanted to show people would have made you look crazy, but when the narcissist’s mask slips, they will do that all by themselves. 

When the mask slips, it’s going to feel great for you. People will be lining up waiting to tell you what they heard or saw. That’s when you can simply smile, nod and say, “Yes, I’ve been aware of their behavior for a long time.”

What a moment. 

What Karma!

Their Day Will Come, Even if You Aren’t There To See It

Every god gets their day, right? When you’re thinking about the narcissist in your life, how much pain they’ve caused; how much ruin they’ve left at your feet. It’s difficult to imagine a scenario where they will someday get a moment where their world feels crumbling around them. 

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Listen, it will happen, but you don’t have to be there when it happens. I know you want to. I know you want to see the color drain from their faces as they finally meet their comeuppance. 

Every narcissist’s day will come, but it does not have to always involve you being there when it does.

Will the news get back to you? 

Almost certainly. 

All you have to do is wait it out. 

Understanding Karma

Now, I never usually like to wish karma on anybody actively. I firmly believe that if you treat people a certain way, there will be a time when you will be outed. That might be through somebody else or through sheer natural slip-ups in public that allow you to be authentically ‘seen.’ 

Narcissists always manage to make some kind of error at some point in their lives. As the confused gazes and stares of others meet your unsurprised, ‘told-you-do’ response – you’ll know that time for you. 

The true karma of any narcissist is that they will never be happy. They will never truly know how to love and be loved in a healthy way. As much as they come close to countless good, compassionate people, they won’t know how to mirror those traits genuinely.

Narcissistic personalities have to live empty, unhappy, empty lives. Some people find this ‘karma enough’ for them, and I’d be inclined to agree.

So when you next wish instant karma on the narcissist, just remember that all is not well in their lives already. That should go some way to appease your need for some payback.

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