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  • I’ve been in a relationship with a narcissist for over three years. I didn’t realize he was a narcissist until three months ago. His behaviors were like a puzzle to me; I couldn’t make sense of them, and that’s what kept me sucked in…since learning about narcissism the puzzle is solved – yay! And I finally feel free. My question is: Is it possible to maintain a relationship with him in any capacity if I’m not allowing it to harm me? I truly love this man, and although sex is off the table as a result of my new knowledge of narcissism, I still appreciate and enjoy many things about him. I’ve got some serious crazy in my family of birth and frankly narcissism seems pretty easy to deal with – as long as you know what you’re dealing with.

  • My son was discharged from Marine Corp Bootcamp due to medical reasons. He is having a VERY hard time dealing with this and in turn is miserable inside making him very hard to get along with. He doesn’t want to do anything (help with housework; help with his son, help anyone do anything even if they’ve offered to pay. He will help as long as his wife “guilts” him. She has been trying to be very supportive of his feelings since being sent home from bootcamp however I can see his relationship wearing thin. I want to help some way but don’t know what to do. It’s even got so bad that I’ve seen him try to be sweet to her and she gives a dirty look and makes comments like “who are you??” Or “what are you wanting?” He just looks away with sadness or sometimes disgust. He has been home since August and still if anything about the marines comes up he goes into a depressed state. It’s starting to affect all of his relationships Including mine and his and he doesn’t seem to care (I know deep inside he does, but he acts like he don’t). What can I do???

  • I’m so sorry for all of you’s who have worked so hard to raise productive children and then this happens! I’m in the same boat having terrible anxiety and stress issues but I am taking back control of my life and going to continually be the person I am no matter what! It’s my life! Our children choose their own paths all we can do is support them and hope they will figure it all out sooner than later!!! Peace to you’s!!!????

  • Wife of 47 years has and probably will be always a narsiccist. Withholds Affection sex kind words of encouragement. BUT, have another Male in the room and she’s all over them with adoration , complements and such. She gets very angry when I question her about things she does, she can’t handle criticism or correction when it’s obvious she’s wrong. I never thought divorce was an option but now I feel it’s the only way to save my sanity. I am quite sure she had an affair in the past and I think I’ll question several people who would know. Just never thought my life would turn out this way. The girl I’m in Love with doesn’t exist

  • I need help !! I’m a narcissist and I have no friends or relationship bc of it. I had to start sleeping with a married man bc I could find anyone else. Than he left me and went back to his wife.

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