What is the Definition of Narcissism?

Narcissism, in its most basic terms, is self-absorption to the point of being unable to empathize with others. It is a generalized personality trait that can be thought of as selfishness and self-centeredness which is taken to the extreme. Narcissism can be thought of as a spectrum or continuum with very mild traits at one … Read more

Big Ego vs Narcissism? How to Tell the Difference

big ego vs narcissism

Most of us exhibit mild traits of narcissism; a certain degree of self-interest is healthy and demonstrates good psychological health. Freud wrote that healthy narcissism is an essential part of normal development. We all start out life as narcissistic infants, completely self-absorbed and ruled by impulses. Infants, obviously, are incapable of anything more. Hopefully, as … Read more