Attachment Theory and Treating Narcissism

There is a tonne of peer reviewed research evidence which demonstrates the link between the development of narcissistic personality disorder and the parenting narcissists received as children. The combination of vulnerability and grandiose exhibitionism and a hunger for attention stem, we are told, from a lack of appropriate attention from a sensitive care giver when … Read more

Pride Vs Narcissism – 3 Ways to Spot the Difference

If you are close to someone who seems self-centered and preoccupied with image and achievements, you may have wondered if they are a narcissist. Understanding pride vs narcissism helps you know whether or not you’re dealing with a disorder. Narcissistic Personality Disorder affects over 6% of adults in America. It’s a growing concern among the … Read more

Why a Narcissistic Attitude Can Be a Sign of Depression

They’re abrasive, abusive, and don’t engender much sympathy. But narcissism is a form of mental illness. Like other mental illnesses, it doesn’t often occur alone. Psychologists have begun to uncover the deep link between narcissism and depression. If someone you love is showing a narcissistic attitude, it’s a good idea to look for signs of … Read more