Attachment Theory and Treating Narcissism

There is a tonne of peer reviewed research evidence which demonstrates the link between the development of narcissistic personality disorder and the parenting narcissists received as children. The combination of vulnerability and grandiose exhibitionism and a hunger for attention stem, we are told, from a lack of appropriate attention from a sensitive care giver when […] Read more »

Simple Steps for Treating Narcissism

Simple Steps for Treating Narcissism

It’s tough being around a narcissist, especially one that is a close friend or family member. Their self-absorption can test even the strongest relationships because it makes those relationships one sided. You might struggle with knowing how to handle a narcissist. Doing nothing will only allow the problem to continue. Doing the wrong thing might end […] Read more »

Q & A: Narcissism and Ayahuasca

Q: Hi I am from Bolivia, I recently gone under a treatment with psychedelic drugs such as ayahuasca, it really helped. I wish to know your points of view on psychedelic drugs to treat depression and other diseases. (might be difficult, just let me know if you want to try this one?) A: Ayahuasca is […] Read more »

Group Therapy for Narcissists

You know them; perhaps you even live with one–the narcissist that thinks everything he does or says is right. The man or woman who is so self-absorbed they don’t want to hear about your opinions, feelings or needs. They are characterized by their excessive sense of self-worth, egocentric behavior and lack of empathy. Can group […] Read more »

What Forms of Treatment is There for Narcissism?

“To love one’s self is the beginning of a life-long romance.” ~Oscar Wilde~ A person diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) has an abundance of treatment options open to them. Unfortunately, no one particular therapy or medication has proven to be highly effective, although most treatments can lessen some of the symptoms. NPD is an […] Read more »