Should You Say Happy Valentine’s Day to Your Crush?

Should You Say Happy Valentine’s Day to Your Crush (2)

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Another season of love is upon us. It brings many warm and fuzzy feelings but can also confuse you if you don’t have a partner. It’s not easy to navigate the social norms around Valentine’s Day. It’s normal to wonder: should you say Happy Valentine’s Day to a girl or guy you … Read more

How to Respond to a Dry Text?

How to Respond to a Dry Text

Being on the receiving end of dry texts can be both frustrating and confusing. You might feel annoyed with the other person’s disregard for having a meaningful conversation. Or you may worry that you’ve done something to offend or irritate them. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s important to react appropriately to dry texts. You want … Read more

What Is Dry Texting?

What Is Dry Texting

Dry texting refers to brief, emotionless texts that sort of keep the conversation going but without any real purpose or effort. While everyone may be guilty of sending the occasional dry text from time to time, a serial dry texter can come across as rude, awkward, aloof, or downright socially unaware.  What Is an Example … Read more

What Do Girls Like to Be Called?

What Do Girls Like to Be Called

Does it mean anything when a guy calls you by a nickname? When a guy gives you a nickname, it means you play an essential role in his life. So what do girls like to be called? Baby Girl? Cutie Pie? Hot Stuff? Some women are okay with those names, while others find them cheesy. … Read more

How to Comfort Someone Over Text?

How to Comfort Someone Over Text

How do you show how much you care about someone when you aren’t physically with them? Can a text message really replace the closeness of an in-person conversation or a warm embrace? Research shows that texting is, by far, the top way Americans under the age of 50 communicate. 95% of people between 18-29 text, … Read more

The Right Way to Compliment a Girl’s Eyes

The Right Way to Compliment a Girls Eyes

It’s sometimes said that the eye is the window to the soul. When you gaze into someone’s eyes, you’re gazing into their emotions, passions, and truest self. When you look into her beautiful eyes, how do you feel? Totally enamored? Captivated and enchanted? Like the luckiest man in the room? Here are the perfect ways … Read more

How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone Through Text?

How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone Through Text

The Science of People defines the friend zone as a relationship status. Also known as the “non-romantic zone” or “buddy zone,” it is a status between two people that is non-romantic. Usually, only one party is friend-zoned. That person may want to get out of that dreaded zone and become a potential romantic partner. You might … Read more