The 5 Signs of the Growing Narcissism Epidemic

According to clinicians around only one percent of the population at large have narcissistic personality disorder. In a clinical setting (i.e. those in treatment) the percentage is much higher (around 12-16%). I would argue however, that the broader signs of narcissism are reaching epidemic proportions in our post-industrial / postmodern society. Signs of narcissisms appear […] Read more »

Transactional Analysis – a Useful Tool For Narcissistic Change and Those They Hurt

Transactional analysis was developed by Erik Berne in the 1950’s. Whilst its origins lie within the psychoanalytic tradition, rather than exploring the sub-conscious, TA looks at the interactions between people and what the style and flow of the interaction reveals about their mental state. It is also significant to for those who are otherwise mentally […] Read more »

Why are There so Many Narcissistic Celebrities?

Why are There so Many Narcissistic Celebrities?

“Narcissism is part of my personality.” -Ben Affleck Awareness among narcissistic celebrities is at an all time high. The proof is in moments like the one above, when an A-lister like Affleck can openly talk about his own narcissistic behavior. But, in Hollywood, could it possibly make more sense that narcissism runs rampant? How are narcissistic celebrities […] Read more »

Self-Directed Narcissistic Rage

Introduction From the early 1990’s onwards Mel Gibson was the golden boy of movie land. From modern day action hero and romantic lead in the Lethal Weapon franchise, via classical inaction hero in Hamlet to double Oscar winner for Braveheart, Gibson could seemingly do no wrong. But by the early 2000’s his star had definitely […] Read more »