The Narcissistic Father and the Effect on His Children

Do you have a love one who you suspect is suffering from narcissistic personality disorder? Maybe even a parent? Six percent of Americans, or 1 in 16, have experienced clinical narcissistic personality disorder. Having narcissistic personality disorder affects the way you behave in social situations greatly. It can and will effect the way a father treats … Read more

Parenting and the Development of Narcissism

Since his emergence on the political stage there has been increased speculation in a range of media about the possible narcissistic behaviour of US president Donald Trump. It is both impossible and unwise to attempt an online diagnosis but many of those who have commented on the quirks of his behaviour and personality – everything … Read more

My Father the Narcissist: A Narcissistic Father is a Tyrant and a Bully

Narcissistic fathers often emotionally damage their children. They disregard boundaries, manipulate their children by withholding affection (until the children “perform”), and neglect to meet the needs of their children because they are interested only in meeting their own needs. Their image and perfection is essential to narcissists; they often demand perfection from their children. The … Read more