When Narcissists Get Sick..

Narcissists thrive on their narcissistic supply, it is the very oxygen of attention that they need. So, a serious illness or is like manna from heaven for a narcissist. They can demand almost unlimited attention from their family and carers, even potentially regaining control of adult children who have fled the nest and all of […] Read more »

The Link Between Narcissism and Anxiety

If you have never suffered from anxiety you are lucky and I envy you. An accepted definition of anxiety involves elements of uncontrolled fear of events or event which simultaneously overwhelms and causes a person to freeze or assume frenetic activity to prevent the feared consequences from happening. For example, a person with social phobia […] Read more »

Am I a Narcissist ?

A few days ago I received this email from Jacob who lives in Yorkshire, England, who read this blog and decided to tell his story. Only names have been changed. I have come to a gradual realisation that I am indeed a narcissist. I am 57 and alone in the world except for my dog […] Read more »

The Narcissism and Addiction

narcisissm and addiction

The news and the internet are full of the sad tales of those who’s addiction has caused irreparable damage to their lives, bodies and even the people who love them. The David “The Hoff “Hasselhoff’s You Tube medley are infamous. The most moving and painful to watch is the 28 second video of his teenage […] Read more »

What Exactly Is Vulnerable Narcissism?

What Exactly Is Vulnerable Narcissism?

Narcissism goes far deeper than just loving your own reflection in the mirror a little too much. Scientists have recently discovered differences in the brain structure of those suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Magnetic imaging resonance reveals that NPD sufferers have abnormalities in an area region of the brain that has been linked to […] Read more »

Is My Narcissistic Partner a Psychopath?

The answer is he could be and a simple answer is that whilst not all psychopaths are narcissists, most narcissists have psychopathic tendencies. From an analytical point of view there are overlapping characteristics. In many cases, we describe conditions which exist together as “co-morbid” that is to say they are distinct conditions which often exist […] Read more »