14 Things Narcissists Are Secretly Afraid of

Have you ever considered the possibility that the seemingly strong and impenetrable narcissist in your life might have hidden fears? Beneath their hard-shell exterior often lie covert insecurities. They are well hidden, and the narcissist will do everything in his power to keep their fears safe and secret. Here are 14 things Narcissists are secretly … Read more

11 Ways Narcissists Make You Doubt Yourself

Have you ever felt like you’re always at fault, even when you’re sure you’re not? That’s just one of the tactics a narcissist might use to make you doubt yourself. They masterfully manipulate situations and conversations, subtly undermining your confidence until you start questioning your value, your judgment, even your sanity. From gaslighting to subtle … Read more

Why Do Narcissists Blame You For Everything?

Have you ever ended up feeling at fault for every problem when around a narcissist? They twist the story so skilfully that you’re left questioning your actions, even when you’re not to blame. But why do they do this? Here are 12 reasons why it is always your fault, and the narcissist is nothing to … Read more

Why Do Narcissists Lie About Their Exes?

Isn’t it puzzling how the narcissist in your life often idealizes past relationships, portraying themselves as the perfect partner who extended nothing but care and affection towards their exes? They glowingly talk about their past, fanning an image of absolute harmony, only to mention they let go due to a lack of love. But why … Read more

25 Things Narcissists Say When They Cheat on You

If you are dating a Narcissist, you are probably familiar that they are almost always cheaters. They cheat because they can and don’t understand the fact you should make a fuzz about it. It does not matter if you catch your Narcissist butt naked in bed with another woman; they will deny everything or, if … Read more