How Does a Narcissist React When You Stop Chasing Them?

Do Narcissists Accuse Others of Being Narcissistic Yes, This is Why!

There’s nothing like the thrill of the chase to get the dopamine flowing. Knowing someone’s pursuing you feeds the ego and makes you feel special, which is why many narcissists find it addictive.  Narcissists love being chased because it puts them in control and boosts their fragile egos. It provides them with a sense of … Read more

What Makes a Narcissist Tick After a Breakup?

What Makes a Narcissist Tick After a Breakup?

A narcissist may come across as self-confident and successful, but nearly everything they do is a defensive tactic designed to keep their feelings of inadequacy at bay.  After a breakup, these behaviors become even more pronounced as the narcissist tries to escape feelings of loss and failure and boost their self-esteem.  To understand what makes … Read more

🫣 How to Get a Narcissist to Leave You Alone?

How to Get a Narcissist to Leave You Alone?

Getting a narcissist to leave you alone can be one of the most complex parts of managing narcissistic abuse. You may have tried many different strategies, but narcissists are persistent and relentless regarding having control. Sometimes, rather than dealing with their drama, giving them what they want feels easier than standing up for yourself.  Getting … Read more

Why Do Narcissists Lie So Much?

why do narcissists lie so much

Many narcissism researchers have publicly stated their belief that Trump has Narcissistic Personality disorder (NPD). Is there a link here? Do narcissism and lying go hand-in-hand?