20+ Flirty Comebacks to “Make Me”

20+ Flirty Comebacks to Make Me

Need some flirty comebacks to make me? This article has you covered. We’ve compiled over 20 of the best ways to respond to “make me” to lead the conversation in your chosen direction. “Make me” is probably one of the most confusing—and potentially infuriating—responses you can get from another person. It immediately sounds confrontational, and you can … Read more

Can A Narcissist Be Faithful In A Relationship?

A narcissist can’t be faithful in a relationship because the nature of the condition doesn’t call for it. Some of the reasons are that they will do anything for supply, they have no empathy, and their needs are most important. A person who only thinks about themselves and sees everyone as a tool to further their agenda … Read more

Narcissistic Behavior

Stopping Narcissistic Behavior I Don’t Want To Be a Narcissist Anymore Although most Narcissists don’t see their Narcissism as a real problem, some Narcissists can reflect on their own shortcomings. How To Stop Being a Narcissist? Is it possible to stop being a Narcissist? Can you heal from Narcissism? Can Narcissists Change? Can Narcissists change … Read more

Narcissists In The Family

Narcissistic Mothers 21 Parenting Signs of a Narcissistic Mother How do you recognize if you might have a Narcissistic Mother? 7 Toxic Traits of a Narcissistic Mother In Law You are madly in love, but your MIL seems a bit off. Is she showing Narcissism traits? Check this list to find out. 12 Toxic Signs … Read more

What is Narcissistic Abuse?

Welcome to this guide to Narcissistic abuse. With the help of this guide, you will understand completely what Narcissistic abuse is, what it does and how to recover from it. I will show you examples of narcissistic abuse, books you can read, and even songs you can listen to. But let’s start with a good … Read more

The Complete Guide To The Narcissist in Relationships For Partners

narcissist in relationships

If you haven’t already noticed, the narcissistic relationship pattern is quite unlike any typical relationship. Narcissists are self-absorbed, egotistical, and primarily focused on their own needs and happiness. This mentality transcends everything they do, and it often makes for destructive relationships with others. Partners often feel exhausted, confused, and frustrated by this toxic behavior. If … Read more

When a Narcissist Sees You Cry How Does He React?

When a Narcissist Sees You Cry How Does He React?

Being vulnerable around anyone can feel challenging. It’s scary to think that you might be laughed at or rejected just for showing your emotions. But what happens when a narcissist sees you cry?  How do they respond or comfort you? How does it affect your relationship with the narcissist? And should you feel like it’s … Read more

I Don’t Want To Be a Narcissist Anymore

I Don't Want To Be a Narcissist Anymore

It’s often said that narcissism is an incurable disorder. Many people suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia seek treatment for their mental disorders, but rarely do you hear a narcissist say “I don’t want to be a narcissist anymore”. Those who have it don’t want help and are quite defensive when diagnosed with it. … Read more

What Does a Narcissist Want in a Relationship?

What Does a Narcissist Want in a Relationship?

Narcissists are incredibly complex creatures; on the one hand, they can be very self-involved to the point that you think they don’t even see you, and at other times they can be love bombing you so badly that you don’t know how you’ll ever get away from them. So what does a narcissist want in … Read more

How Do Narcissists Treat Old Supply?

How Do Narcissists Treat Old Supply?

Narcissists live and breathe supply; it’s the praise, admiration, and status that makes their life worth living. While we all like to feel special from time to time, narcissists are like drug addicts in their never-ended search for more supply. Given the importance of supply, those victimized by narcissistic abuse might wonder how narcissists treat their old … Read more