The Narcissist In Love

Narcissists yearn for perfect, romantic love and absolute adoration. People often think that narcissistic individuals love only themselves, like Narcissus in the Greek myth who fell in love with his own reflection, but the polar opposite is true. The narcissist usually struggles with fragile self-esteem and intense feelings of shame. The grandiose thinking they exhibit … Read more

The Narcissistic Ex

Were you married to a narcissist or recently broke up with one? If that is the case, then you have experienced how utterly painful divorce can be. You have to deal with the loss of the relationship or sense of family, and worry about the children and money. Yet to make matters worse, you are … Read more

The Narcissist And Sex: Sexual Attitudes of a Narcissist

How The Narcissist Uses Sex To Take/Keep Control The sexual attitudes of narcissists are most peculiar- they tend to be either hyperactive or hypoactive in making love. Generally, there are two types of narcissists: the somatic narcissist (hyperactive) and the cerebral narcissist (hypoactive). The somatic narcissist gains his ‘narcissistic supply’ from other people’s reactions to … Read more

What is Narcissistic Abuse?

Narcissistic abuse is a term that emerged in the late twentieth century and became more prominent in the early 21st century in large part due to the late Alice Miller, a Polish psychologist and world-renowned author. She used “narcissistic abuse” to refer to a specific form of emotional abuse of children by their narcissistic parent(s). … Read more

Are My Children Safe with a Narcissist?

Parents who have come to realize that their spouse has NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) are most likely aware that they are being verbally and emotionally, and sometimes physically abused. They have asked if their children are safe with a narcissist in the home (spouse or partner), in other words, does the narcissist just take his … Read more