Narcissism and Ageing

It has always worried me what some ageing celebs do to their faces. For those of us on the outside of the glitzy, appearance-is-all bubble it is all too easy to see that plastic surgery of any kind never enhances a face, fillers often overfill, Botox robs a face of expression and dermal peels just […] Read more »

Do Narcissists Ever Cry?

Whilst narcissism is often characterised by bombast and a seemingly unwavering self-belief, there are times when even a narcissist may cry. Do Narcissists cry? It seems impossible but it is true. So how can someone who is so tied up with their own success, self-image and the presentation of themselves in their everyday lives suffer […] Read more »

The Dark Triad Rises

Today I want to examine the notion that Narcissim isn’t out on its own on the “everyday people it is not good to have a relationships with” stakes.  In fact Narcissism is one of the so called “Dark Triad” of personality types .  The Triad is so called because of similarities between three profoundly negative […] Read more »

Trump, Farage, Le Pen And The Wizard Of Oz

“I believe JR really loved Sue Ellen And that things sound better when you’re yellin’ I believe that the Devil is ready to repent But I can’t believe Donald Trump Is president” Not The Nine O’Clock News circa 1980, edited for 2016″ The song “I Believe” was a parody American folk song from British satirical […] Read more »