Can Narcissists Ever Love Another Person Normally?

Q: Can narcissists ever love another person normally?

A: No, not in my experience. They can say the right things and do the right things…but they do not genuinely feel it. They might even have a sense of contentment with their partner as long as everything looked perfect and they were getting enough Supply. There are some who would say that if they went through intense counseling and wanted to change, they might be able to. But at what level do you call it “normal”?

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2 thoughts on “Can Narcissists Ever Love Another Person Normally?

  1. I was in a long relationship with a narcissists where he said that he loved me only because I caught on to his game and confronted him with his other extra affairs. After learning about mental and personality disorders, I finally built enough courage to leave him. It’s true, they are not capable of feeling love, empathy, nor are they are capable of changing. They are the masters of manipulators and are very good in playing the victim. I keep hoping for a magic pill to cure their lethal behavior. Maybe, it will happen in another lifetime.

  2. Oh yes, you said it perfectly. They are fantastic actors. So believable in the moment and when they walk out the door it’s like they are walking out of a movie. The scent of the person they were intimate with is very expendable. They can take you for the worst emotional ride of your life and then spit you out. The best thing is to STAY AWAY and know that they will call you whenever your card comes up on their rolodex.

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