Can BPD Also Be NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)?

Q: Hello, Can a BPD also be a NPD? After reading the differences, my uBPDw shows both traits, exactly and shifts from one to the other depending on mood or triggers. She has said “sorry” on a handful of occasion, but not the norm. Thanks for any help.

A: Yes- 25 to 37 per cent of NPD are co-morbid (occur together) with BPD. Please read the article on “Differences between Borderline and Narcissistic Personality Disorder”. You can use similar coping strategies with either one. It is probable that she learned to say she was sorry when she was in the most difficult predicaments that she couldn’t get out of; her apologies are most likely a learned response and not genuine.

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4 thoughts on “Can BPD Also Be NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)?”

  1. I see that a lot of NPD uses lies in their life. I live with a Narcissist and he is the most honest person I have ever met. He has no filter though, with me, which I often appreciate. I have a strong enough personality that it doesn’t bother me 90% of the time. But there is that 10% where it gets old. He “jokes” a lot too. Which I find to be passive comments that he really means. My question is, does the Narcissist HAVE to lie? I am really good at catching people in lies and have an excellent memory, so if someone trips up even the smallest detail I can usually know they are lying. I don’t always call them on it, because you choose your battles, ya know? 🙂 But I really don’t feel like I am being duped with anything.

  2. I have long suspected that my daughter, who I adopted at age 3, is BPD. Now that I am learning about narcissists–I have the enabling personality that seems to attract these people to me–I am wondering if she is that as well.

    It was the lack of empathy, lack of motivation to complete anything–homework, school, look for work–the flat presentation, social difficulties, etc that lead me to research traits of borderlines. But my mother, an MSW sees the narcissism as well.

    She has just become a mother of twins–God sure does have a sense of humor–
    she manipulated the children’s father with fantastic lies that she couldn’t conceive, hence no birth control, that she has a big recording contract and that I have set up a $400,000 trust fund which she gets when I die. The twins are just three weeks old and this is the world into which they were born.

    This pathological lying, something that has worsened over the years and which I early on wanted to think were white lies–is this a trait of borderline personalities?
    I would love to be in the twins’ lives but now that she is living with her birth family on the opposite coast– I put her out two years ago– i think this is the time to embrace and relish this distance. The idea of being estranged from her is a tough pill to swallow. But she’s 23 I am 65 and I believe it is time I cut my losses. She is a chronic heart breaker and I seem to have no influence on her–especially when I give her my time, energy and money.


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