Q & A: Can a Narcissist Be Jealous on a Pet?

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Q: Can a Narcissistic get that jealous of a family pet and potentially hurt it? If the stories are odd about his ex (kids mother) alarm bells are ringing about his ex issues is it worth talking to her to get closure or ignoring it?

Are Narcissists jealous on Pets?

Yes, a narcissist can get jealous of a family pet. But hurt/kill pets? That is sadistic, as is much of his behavior toward you. You say you are in a No-Win situation…

I say you are in a Lose- Lose situation. And you need to lose him- quick! Before he harms you or your children.

He seems to enjoy hurting you emotionally and mentally…leave him before it becomes physical.

People who can so easily injure/kill beloved pets often move on to the significant humans in their lives.

Whether he is labeled a narcissist, sadist, sadistic narcissist, sociopath or psychopath–the name is irrelevant, but his malignant, dangerous, punishing behavior is something to be afraid of. Don’t walk away- run!

I understand it is not easy to leave someone you love, but he does NOT love you back.

Narcissists are incapable of love or genuine intimacy. They will not, and can not, ever put your needs first even when you really, really need them (example: the hospital incident).

Please read,”The Sadistic Narcissist” on this website.

I do hope that you are serious when you say you have had enough because you have put in your all and got nothing back–this will not change.

He can not ever put in his “all” as this is something he does not possess– he has no “all”–the best he can give you is false romance, empty words and charm which he can only give in the beginning of a relationship and when you threaten to leave.

As for pursuing ” his ex-wife’s issues”, what is the point? You know he is abusive, paranoid, probably lies, and is only concerned with his own needs- she would simply confirm what you already know. Please ignore it, put it behind you and get away from this toxic and emotionally abusive relationship. Now.

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2 thoughts on “Q & A: Can a Narcissist Be Jealous on a Pet?”

  1. I believe that narcissists are sadistic….esp malignant ones. My narcissistic mother put all 5 of our show dogs down in ONE day….why? To upset the whole family. That’s pretty sadistic. Also my N.Mother gave a lot of my pets “away” as a child. And she threatened to “get rid of” my daughters fav.lil poodle that she sleeps with every single night to this day. The malignant narcissist is cruel and has no limits. If they can hurt you by hurting the animal…they will. I have been raised by these “people” and then married a very abusive narc.man. I’ve been rebuilding my life for 10years -RUN!

  2. I grew up an only child with a N mother. i was terribly introverted and lonely and my mom decided to get me a puppy. I fell in love with the puppy and had the puppy by my side at all times and she decided that it was distracting me from my study and gave it away a week later. Looking back I know it was because she was no longer the center of my attention. I still remember the day she took the puppy away some 30 years later.


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