Can A Narcissist Be Faithful In A Relationship?

A narcissist can’t be faithful in a relationship because the nature of the condition doesn’t call for it.

Some of the reasons are that they will do anything for supply, they have no empathy, and their needs are most important.

A person who only thinks about themselves and sees everyone as a tool to further their agenda is incapable of having a stable, loving, and lasting relationship.

If you are planning on dating a narcissist or are already trapped in their web of splendor and wondering whether they can be faithful, this article will tell you everything you need to know. 

Can A Narcissist Be Faithful And Happy In A Relationship?

Narcissists cheat because they are impulse-driven. When they see something they like, they go after it without considering the consequences.

Can A Narcissist Be Faithful And Happy

The narcissist craves attention. It is what drives them. If they meet someone on a night out, which feeds their ego, they won’t think twice about having a fling with that person.

Additionally, they lack empathy and don’t consider their partner’s feelings. They are not the slightest bit concerned about getting caught because they will lie their way out of it.

Narcissists will be happy in a relationship if they get enough supply. As soon as they feel they need more, they get depressed and start looking for it elsewhere. 

11 Reasons Why Most Narcissists Can’t Be Faithful

Most narcissists will cheat in a relationship because they have a mental disorder characterized by traits that make it difficult for them to be faithful.

These traits include they will do anything for supply, lack empathy, and their needs are most important. Here are eleven reasons why most narcissists can’t be faithful. 

#1 They will do anything for supply

Narcissistic supply is like heroin to a drug addict. If they don’t have it, narcissistic deficiency dysphoria takes over. They can’t sleep properly.

They become emotional eaters. They are always sad and no longer find pleasure in the things they once enjoyed.

The narcissist begins suffering from terrible mood swings and sometimes becomes violent. They resort to some form of addiction such as drugs, alcohol, or shopaholism.

Additionally, the narcissist withdraws and becomes isolated from the world that no longer appreciates their greatness, talents, skills, and achievements.

They withdraw into a make-believe fantasy world where they are loved and admired to excess.

During this time, the narcissist goes out looking for an affair, and it’s typically not because they’re wildly attracted to someone else but because they need another dose of supply. 

#2 They Lack Empathy

According to Dr. Lamia, narcissists lack empathy. Empathy has the ability to feel and sympathize with the emotions of others. It’s about walking in someone else’s shoes and seeing things from their perspective.

An empathetic person not only mirrors the pain of others but is led to respond in a way that will reduce their suffering. Empathy is necessary for people worldwide to care for each other.

They lack Empathy

Some people are more empathetic than others, but narcissists lack empathy.

As a result, they do not care about their partner’s feelings. On a night out, if a man pursues a normal woman with a boyfriend, she will politely inform him she’s in a relationship.

However, the narcissistic female will revel in attention from the opposite sex 

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#3 Their needs are most important to them

According to The American Psychological Association, a narcissist is someone who believes in their superiority and that everyone should treat them as such.

They are highly manipulative and use people to get what they want out of life.

Therefore, they are not in the least bit concerned about cheating on their partner because what they get out of the interaction with the man or woman they’ve set their affections on is the most important thing in the world.

They Are Selfish

They don’t care about any of the individuals involved. The narcissist will lie to the person they’re cheating with and tell them they haven’t got a partner.

They will also lie to the person they’re dating so they can go and see the person they’re cheating with. 

#4 They Are Incapable Of Loyalty

Narcissists are terrified of betrayal, humiliation, and abandonment; therefore, they constantly test the loyalty of the person they are dating.

Nevertheless, they are incapable of giving the same loyalty they demand from others in return.

Incapable of loyalty

If push came to shove, the narcissist would sell his own mother if it benefited him, so remaining loyal by not cheating on the person they’re dating is like trying to get blood out of a stone.  

#5 They Are Dishonest

Narcissists don’t know how to tell the truth because, according to psychologists, they are pathological liars.

When you don’t care about your nearest and dearest, lying to them is the easiest thing in the world.

They Are Dishonest

A dishonest person will not be faithful because they know they can lie their way out of any situation they are caught out in.

Narcissists are notorious for this, you can catch them red-handed in bed with someone else, and they’ll have the audacity to tell you your eyes were deceiving you.

They will lie so hard that you’ll start believing you’re delusional. 

#6 They Love On Their Own Terms

Narcissists are known for falling in love at first sight. They will wine and dine their victim like no other. You won’t find anyone more romantic than a narcissist.

But this only lasts so long. It’s called the love bombing stage. It’s part of a three-stage strategy that ends in them dumping their victim most cruelly and viciously.

They Love On Their Terms

As far as the narcissist is concerned, they can love a person and still cheat on them.

Additionally, despite being treated like a piece of dirt, they expect their partner to stay with them and tolerate the abuse because of the wonderful treatment they were given during the love bombing stage. 

#7 They Don’t Believe The Rules Apply To Them

One of the character traits of narcissism is that they are detached from morality and will do anything to get ahead.

Their main priority is winning. They are not in the least bit concerned about playing fair.

Rules Do Not Apply To Them

They justify their immoral behavior because it will help them reach their goals no matter how depraved.

And their main aim is to appear accomplished in front of others; therefore, they will trample on anyone to reach their destination. 

#8 They Feel Entitled

Everyone deserves respect and to be treated fairly, but narcissists take this to an entirely different level.

Because they believe they are superior beings and that everyone else is beneath them, they deserve special treatment.

Narcissists expect people to treat them like gods; if they don’t, all hell breaks loose. If you’re currently dating a narcissist, you’ll notice they cause drama everywhere they go.

They Feel Entitled

They snap their fingers at waiters if they haven’t been served within one minute of being seated.

They walk straight to the front of the queue and tell everyone behind them they were told to go to the front.

As mentioned, they don’t believe the rules apply to them, and since we live in a society that values committed relationships where men and women have one partner at a time, they don’t see why they should conform to that.

Therefore, the narcissist is never single. When they met you, they were in a relationship and getting ready to discard him/her.

Now they are with you and probably on the hunt for someone else if they haven’t already. 

#9 They Are Arrogant

Arrogance is one of the hallmarks of narcissism, they have a strong desire to look good at all times, and they’ve always got to be the center of attention.

If a group of people is talking and all eyes are not on the narcissist, they will either shift the conversation so it’s focused on them, or they’ll excuse themselves and find people who will tolerate them.

Narcissists believe the world revolves around them, and when they are in an environment that doesn’t cater to their needs, they have a temper tantrums.

They Are Arrogant

One way arrogance manifests is through cheating. If their partner breaks their unspoken rules, their response is to go out and cheat. For example, the narcissist feels their significant other has no right to question them.

They can come and go as they please and don’t owe anyone an explanation. So if the narcissist decides to go out for drinks after work and doesn’t tell her boyfriend when she returns, and he asks where she’s been, she’ll get angry.

In her head, she now needs to find someone who will abide by their rules at all times, even though not only are these rules never communicated, but they are unreasonable. 

#10 They Have An Inflated Ego

Narcissists have convinced themselves they are beyond desirable and totally irresistible.

So whether they are in a relationship or not, if they meet someone they’re attracted to. Still, if the other person doesn’t appear interested.

They have an Inflated Ego

They’ll make a point of getting that person to sleep with them just so they can prove to themselves that every member of the opposite sex wants to be with them.

It is not uncommon for them to put themselves in situations where they act overly flirtatious, which provides more opportunities for them to cheat. 

#11 They Have A High Sex Drive

Narcissists are known for their love-making capabilities because they have a high sex drive and always have sex.

One of the main reasons for this is because it’s an easy source of supply. Hearing someone tell them how good they are in bed boosts their ego tremendously.

They have a High Sex Drive

It doesn’t take long before they become dissatisfied with sex in a relationship and move on to someone who can give them the supply they crave. 


You’ve probably got many questions about narcissists, so here are the answers to some of the most common questions. 

Can a narcissist truly love their partner?

People suffering from narcissistic personality disorder cannot love their partner in the traditional sense.

Unfortunately, the condition doesn’t give them the capacity to.

A narcissist may act lovingly and display acts of love, but it’s never genuine because there are always conditions attached. 

Are all narcissists cheaters?

It is more likely that a narcissist will cheat in a relationship, but they are not all cheaters. However, just because they don’t cheat doesn’t mean they will treat their partners well.

They might stay faithful, but that’s only because they’d rather invest their time and energy in meticulously planning how to break you.

Since narcissists are typically very good judges of character and determine that a cheating partner won’t send you off the edge, they’ll find out what will and focus on that instead. 

Can a relationship with a narcissist work?

Unless you’re the type who enjoys being completely abused and dominated, then no, a relationship with a narcissist can’t work.

Narcissists live in a fantasy world with very unrealistic standards, and even if you comply, they’ll find a reason to make it appear as if you’re not complying.

Narcissists hunt for their supply and when they have it, they see the next new thing they want to have. This is when the narcissist leaves and discards you. 

Final Thought

Can a narcissist be faithful in a relationship is a legitimate question. You’ve probably heard plenty of stories about cheating narcissists and want to know whether they can be a loving partner.

The truth of the matter is that a cheating narcissist should be the least of your worries.

The emotional scars they inflict on their victims before they’ve even thought about having an affair should be your main concern.

I understand that the narcissist probably enamors you because that’s what they do best, but it’s not worth it.

Get out now while your mental faculties are still intact.

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