Blocking 2 Narcissists From My Life: Need Help!

Q: I am seeking advice on how to continue to stay strong and survive two very dangerous narcissists attaching themselves to my life. My father who during a bout with cancer admitted to entrapping me in a massive ten year manipulation that was designed to keep me from my mother and despise her whole heatedly resulting in hurting her and completely placing me in a prison he was the warden of.

He admitted it only to save his soul at the pearly gates of heaven if in fact cancer took him. It didn’t. Along with this I have my new sister in law who is the extremely horrific version of the real life “single white female”. She has completely destroyed my relationship with my brother, mimicked key parts of my life to alienate me and manipulate friends I used to have that she has now made her own. And then the worst bit, email, text message and social media attacks directly at me and defamation of my character through disgusting websites that promote hateful garbage. I have ignored and removed both other these individuals. I have blocked all contact and do my best to avoid any places they frequent. With that said, neither of them will let up and I ‘m beyond exhausted! Help!

A: You have to hang in there. If you have truly gone NO CONTACT– none whatsoever- they will eventually turn their attention to someone else. You are right- those two sound dangerous indeed. It sounds like you need a new support system. Is there any possibility of moving further away (even the next town)? Have you contacted your mother to explain how you were manipulated? Please seek out new places to find new friends and consider looking for a support group- even if it is just online. In person is better but that may not be available in your area. Make certain your sister-in-law is BLOCKED from your facebook account and any other social media sites. Do not check her sites to see if she has written anything. Block her from your email and text. There is no reason at this point to have any communication with her whatsoever. If you truly block them from your life you will not be so exhausted…and they WILL eventually let up.

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