Are Narcissists Lying or Delusional?

Narcissists are known to lie to the point where they believe what they’re saying.

It’s as if they feel they’ve not only convinced you, but themselves too!

As you sit there, frustrated at their apparent moves to deter you from the truth, you spot it.

You spot their certainty with themselves. You see the way they are really investing in their own words.

They hope that by being so convinced, you will follow suit.

So – I ask you – do you think narcissists are lying, or are they just totally delusional people who have convinced themselves that the truth is whatever they want it to be?

Why Lie in the First Place?

To you or I, lying is wrong. Little or large, lies get us nowhere.

We know that – but we aren’t the problem, are we?

The difference between healthy people and narcissists is their conscience. Healthy people don’t want to hurt others with something as crude and purposeful as a lie.

What good is a lie, anyway? It does nothing but build false illusions and the unsteady portrayal of a sturdy foundation.

Narcissists don’t look that deeply. They’re as deep as a puddle – and their shallowness is often shown as hollowness.

Lies dig narcissists out of tricky spots. They would throw you under a bus to save the takeout burger they just dropped. 

And Delusions?…

Delusions undoubtedly have a place inside the narcissist’s mind. It doesn’t matter what truths are in the world – the narcissist will hold their beliefs – however grandiose – close to their hollow hearts.

The Truth Won’t Set You Free

The narcissist traps themselves by lying, but they see it rather distortedly as a way to escape a situation they feel stuck in. 

Whether they feel threatened by the success of another, or want to fake their way to the top so to speak – they will lie.  

Going a step above simply making something up to keep themselves looking good – they will believe what they say.

Watch Them Be Convinced 

You can watch a narcissist in real time convince themselves that what they’re saying is true.

How many times have you been in the presence of somebody who is so full of their own you-know-what that they don’t actually even realize they’re lying in the first place?

I know I have. 

It’s tough. Even when you can prove they’re wrong – they still continue with their narrative. It’s the only one they put their trust into. 

Lies are what save the narcissist.

Delusions are what make the narcissist.

Both are used as ploys, and both are just as destructive as the other.

Why Aren’t You Following Suit?

Sheer Delusion – it’s a Thing

Here’s where I get a little ‘science’ – but I promise you, once you know this, it’s going to make so much sense for you. 

Delusional narcissism is a thing. 

Delusional narcissism is literally taking a narcissist in one hand, and the concept of delusional thinking in the other, and smashing them together to create a person. 

Say What?…

People who exhibit delusional narcissism have an intense need to be admired. 

So they lie.

Their level of self-importance is off the charts. 

So they lie.

They have zero empathy for anybody else. (If i could offer negative points, I’d give it here).

So they lie. 

The patterns of lies are always going to be there, and the reasons are only justifiable to them. 

Perplexing – Yes

To us professionals, the delusional narcissist is perplexing as well as intriguing. We want to know why they convince themselves so much that their version of reality is the real one. 

Underneath all the grandiose ways they convince the world that their lies are the truth, is a deep-rooted, insecure person with intense feelings of inadequacy. 

Behind the Mask Will Surprise You

The narcissist wears many masks – but the one that covers their lies is one of the most vulnerable. Once that slips – you’ll see a person afraid. Scared to live in the real world. I’m scared to know that, actually, underneath all these lies is just a normal person like you or I. 

Usually, we wouldn’t need anything to make us so special to feel special. We are all different, and we all do our best, but that isn’t enough for the narcissist. 

They love to be top. 

They love to be the best.

They love to exude all power and ego so others almost swoon in their presence. 

Lying vs. Delusion

Admiration is something the narcissist needs – and they treat that need the same as needing air in their lungs. 

Lying is something we can all be guilty of.

Yes, Grandma. Your curry is delicious…

You don’t want to hurt your grandma’s feelings, and I know it seems terrible to pretend, but sometimes, we’ve all been there. 

Narcissists, on their ‘other planet’, both live and lie on a different scale completely. 

Fantasy World 

Ironically, narcissists are very good at telling people they are the ones in the fantasy world – not the narcissist.

You want to go there on holiday? Are you mad?

In your dreams! You’ll never be able to afford that.

You’re living in a fantasy world if you think they like you!

They’re entitled creatures, and they only get the attention they crave by putting a flutter of lies out into the world like seeds in a crop. 

Eventually, with enough work and convincing, those seeds will take root and grow. 

The narcissist will water those seeds, while gently feeling content that they exist. 

Delusions in a Nutshell

The unwavering belief that something is real, without evidence to the contrary, is a form of delusion. If a narcissist exhibits delusions of a frequent scale with no reason or rhyme in your eyes – they are not only lying, but they are completely dissolved in it. 

There is no separating a narcissist from their lies – they seem to come as a package deal, but delusions are most definitely a step up from the everyday lies you might expect.

You have to remember that narcissism is a type of personality disorder. While jokes about narcissists can circulate, they actually aren’t well people. 

It takes a truly unwell person to remain fixated on their lies, even if they are presented with the truth in the form of facts. 

The sky is blue.

No – it’s green!

No – look – it’s blue.

Come on! I see green tints everywhere. Look, there, there and there! What are you talking about??

Soon enough, you’ll be looking up and convincing yourself that the sky is green – and that’s what the narcissist wants.

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