Are Narcissists Evil?

When you encounter a narcissist, your first thought isn’t going to be how evil they are.

Why would it be?

They’re charming. They’re attentive. They call you and want to see you. They promise you all kinds of crazy things.

The bait develops into a bite, and suddenly they’re reeling you in.

But… When does the evil show? Does it even exist?

In your own experience, can you tell me if you know any narcissists who are truly evil?

I hear you!

First Off…

Alright. I want you for a second to think about any of the narcissists you’ve previously encountered. 

Get a clear image of them in your head (bleurgh…), and ask yourself:

Was this person ever nice?

You’ll answer yes. Because they were

Over time and very gradually, narcissists move like tectonic plates around new people. They move so slowly, you don’t even feel like the ground below you is even moving. 

You feel safe, secure, and loved. You’re happy, they pay you lots of compliments, and you are blindsided by their absolutely encapsulating nature.

Narcissistic Earthquake

Suddenly, the ground starts rumbling. You stop what you’re doing, confused at how unsteady everything below you feels.

You thought you were safe.

Now there are cracks in your foundation, and weaknesses in your structure. 

The narcissist earthquake strikes. 

Bad behavior. 




You feel isolated from loved ones.

Your confidence is plummeting.

Your self-esteem erases entirely. 

It begins.

We rarely have time to ask that one important question in the midst of such a change to our previously steady worlds.

Am I in the presence of evil?

How Could Anybody Be So…


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Well, it’s hard to imagine anybody having the ability to be so underhand: sly, crooked, unkind, egoistical, self-centered, dismissive, fragile. 

When a narcissist is all of those things plus so much more, you can equate them to having a really evil undertone.

The conscience they don’t have when they manipulate you or others.

The way they enjoy creating and watching conflict unfold while maintaining it’s “nothing to do with them” cannot be anything short of such a thing.

Narcissists Look For A Certain Someone

Narcissists know who they are looking for. They don’t zone in on strong, self-assured characters they know they can’t break. Also people they avoid are the ones who know narcissism (perhaps those who have had that experience and can spot them). 

They’re looking for a soft target. Somebody with the potential to forgive a thousand times. A person who always sees the good in others. An empathic soul, who can give the narcissist what they need. 


Have you ever asked yourself, “Why does the narcissist only utilize their control and power over certain people?”

It’s because they know what they’re looking for. They have a list of criteria you must meet for them to feel you can provide something for them.

The Pick and Choose

When people come to me for advice about narcissists, they often say, “But they aren’t like this in front of anybody else.”

What I need you to understand about abusers is – they pick and choose their moods.

If a person can be overly, sickly sweet, nice to somebody in public, and then leave that event with you a different person – something’s up.

Underneath that swift change, there is intent. Intent to appear nice to everybody else, but intent to put all their toxicity into being alone with you. If a person is in control of that, they are in control of what they’re doing.

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So much so, in fact, that it becomes nothing but a game to them. A way to use everyone they know as pawn pieces in their huge life game of chess.

How Can Destruction Not Be Evil?

Narcissists are known to pull entire families apart, simply because they can. They can seek out the scapegoat, ensure they’re isolated, and turn everybody else against them in a sheer act of toxic defiance.

They lose zero sleep at night worrying about you and how it has affected your mental wellbeing. 

They wake up each morning, not quite knowing what will happen, but strong in their knowledge they will handle it.

Even Their Kids?!

Painfully, yes.

I personally cannot look at the children in my family without thinking about how precious they are, and how much they mean to us all. 

I wouldn’t want any harm to come to them. Healthy families don’t. They love, cherish, teach, forgive, and nurture. Healthy parenting looks like encouraging growth and the ability to inspire. 

Money = Love

Narcissistic parents see their children as extensions of themselves. They control in the same way they would anybody else. They love money and material objects. They neglect without warning, and chop and change their moods to suit themselves.

They ignite anxiety and uncertainty in their children, as young as you can imagine. 

Narcissistic parents will walk all over their children to maintain their own innocence, and they don’t care how much they hurt them in the process. In fact, if their child dares to speak up and say, “The things you say and do hurt my feelings,” they will be hung out to dry. 

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Ask yourself this…

I want to leave you with an open-ended question that I hope can go some way to help you understand the true evil nature of a narcissist.

How has the narcissist changed your life?

I ask this as a way to get you to think about all the ways their evil nature has trickled into areas of your life you didn’t think were possible.

Maybe they stopped you from getting that job.

Maybe they poke fun at the clothes you wear.

Are they behind the reason you no longer see that family member, or friend?

Have you become less confident since you’ve known them?

Do they make you feel nervous or on edge when you’re near them?

Are they the cause of much conflict?

True evil rarely comes at you so overtly. If it did, you’d hold your hands up and say, “Hey! Not today!” We don’t do this initially with a narcissist because they come at us with their cycle of abuse.

The love bombing.

The smiles and fake promises that we cling to. 

Why? Because we’ve no reason to believe they are bad at all. We see the good. 

Narcissists take root before you’ve even realized they’re narcissists. They grow slowly and, over time, begin to take over your entire character. They’re hard to get rid of, and the task can often feel overwhelming. 

They’re dangerously evil.

They’re human Japanese Knotweed.

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