8 Weird Texting Habits of Narcissists

Your phone beeps.

It’s the narcissist!

What do they have to say this time?

Well, let me tell you one thing clearly. Narcissists are never going to give you the kind of text you want. When it comes to messaging, they are just plain weird.

It’s crazy how they manage to stress us out this way, but yes, they do, and it’s more than frustrating.

So, exactly how weird are their texting habits?

Whether it’s a hot or cold tap running, you can get all the answers right here!

Narcissists and General Communication

Narcissists are, in one entire word:


They are also great at texting, but not in the way you would probably have hoped. 

They have this disconcerting ability to dominate conversations and make everything about them

They can also make you feel like you’ve just been knocked down by a verbal hurricane!

The communication style of a narcissist is all about control and manipulation, whether it’s in person or by text.

When you think about it, those face to face interactions can often see their charm and charisma throw you those curveballs.

Huh. Maybe they are nice, after all. They seem so normal to me.

Big mistake!

The narcissist uses body language, and tone of voice to keep you hooked and even a little confused. Take texting though?…

Completely different toolkit!

Texts provide this kind of buffer,  allowing the narcissist to craft and control what they send. They can be precise, and yes, they use it to their advantage…

And Phones…?

Phones, simply put, are a narcissist’s best friend. They treat them as little playgrounds, and they work perfectly as manipulation tools. 

Texting allows all those with toxic blood running through their bodies to maintain a certain level of detachment. 

You’re there, I’m here. 

It makes it so much easier to manipulate the likes of you without the immediate pressure of seeing your reaction in real time. Of course, they can take their time to craft the perfect response. This gives them the constant upper hand.

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Have you ever seen a narcissist on their phone? Especially if they are texting, they have a few faces they like to pull, don’t they?

They smirk. That’s when you know they are plotting their next toxic move. They love it.

They can also frown. They know somebody has overstepped, and they’re frustrated that they’ve received a less than ideal message. They’re thinking of their next move.

They can look totally indifferent. Whatever it is they’ve read, doesn’t matter at all.

Phones also provide free drama for the narcissist, so this is why they can become hooked to them, and why those habits become even more obvious than before. 

So… those weird texting habits… Well they certainly exist, and you’ve most likely been victim to them before now. 

This is a way of showing exactly how familiar you probably are with most of these already. 

Buckle up, things are about to get really bizarre.

8 Weird Texting Habits of Narcissists

#1 Love-Bomb Alert

Narcissists start their text game strong. They will love-bomb the heck out of you to begin with. Even those who are friends will be constantly wanting to be in your pocket and telling you how great you are.  

At the beginning of any relationship, you will find your phone hot with messages, as it buzzes constantly.





Beware though. You aren’t the center of their universe. This is more of a calculated move to reel you in and make you dependent on them.

It’s a rocky road!

#2 The Tantrum Text

Oh my goodness, now I know you know what I’m talking about, here. 

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Have you ever received one of those CAPS LOCK messages full of rage over something completely trivial?


Okay… so what’s the problem? 

Well – nothing. But the narcissist LOVES TO PROVE A POINT.

Tantrum, strop. Rinse, repeat. It’s quite funny, because it’s so childlike. 

If you don’t respond quickly enough or fail to meet their maddened expectations, they will unleash a wave of angry texts your way. They’re designed to make you feel guilty and set off your anxiety.

High alert is where they want you to be…

#3 …Silence

Just when you think rage is all they’re known for, the narcissist will continue to surprise you.

The silent treatment.

This isn’t just done in person. 

After a disagreement, or if they simply want to remind you ‘who’s boss,’ they’ll go radio silent.

Now, this can last hours, days, or even weeks. The goal is to make you feel anxious and desperate for their attention. Yes, you’ll message and try and call. They want you to know they’re in charge. They want to assert their dominance.

Does it work?

For those who know no better, yes.

#4 The One-Word Replies







You know, these, don’t you? It’s like pulling teeth out for those who are looking for something meaningful back!

Perhaps you’ve just poured your heart out, and all you get are these one-word chips. 

It’s so annoying – but they do it to cut you right off in your tracks. 

It’s passive-aggressive; it means they duck out of getting too emotionally deep – it’s weak.

But they do it, because they’re weak. 

#5 Prepare For The Essay!

Oh yes, in even more of a contrast, narcissists can throw you all the words in the world.

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The really hilarious ones are those with no grammar in them. 

These essay-type texts will include all the narcissist’s interesting (…) thoughts. Your thoughts, feelings for you, and experiences – you name it. 

Again, this is another way of asserting their dominance. It’s all about them, and there’s very little room for you to chime in and express your thoughts or feelings. 

Narcissists love essay texts. 

Us? Not so much.

#6 Ghosting Then ‘Returning’

Ghosting is painful. I’m not going to joke about it, because it’s downright cruel and just as it is cruel, it’s also intentional. 

Nobody ghosts by mistake. You don’t simply forget to talk to somebody, especially if they have sent you several texts asking where you are, or being obviously concerned about you. 

They won’t reply until they feel like it. When they do, it’ll likely sound like they have no awareness of what they put you through. This is how they can start to hoover you, and be the very person you wanted them to be before they ghosted you. 

It’s all part of the abuse.

#7 Double-Texting (Or More!)

If you haven’t replied to a narcissist, expect those fun ‘double’ or even ‘triple’ messages.

Hey! Maybe even more!

Follow-up texts can be their way of prompting you to reply, even if you’re genuinely busy. It’s relentless, but they do it to demand your attention and remain the epicenter of your day. 

#8 Flattery vs. Devaluation

You’re amazing!

I’ve never met anybody like you!

Why aren’t you answering me?


I guess you’re too busy now.

Affection/criticism / attention/discard.

It’s what narcissists do best to maintain that high level of drama.

That’s how it goes, and yes – it’s very weird!

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