8 Subtle Ways Guys Hint They Like You Without Saying It

Trying to figure out if a guy likes you can be a confusing and frustrating experience.

Is he just being friendly, or is giving subtle hints he likes you without saying it? If you’re feeling stuck in the guessing game, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

Guys may use nonverbal cues to drop hints that they like you, such as eye contact, physical touch, compliments, and nervousness around you.

However, these signs are not always definitive and may not always indicate romantic interest.

To determine if a guy likes you, it’s best to have open communication and observe his consistency and follow-through in his actions. 

Key points I will talk about in this article:

  1. Understanding a guy’s interest through words and actions.
  2. Avoiding common relationship mistakes.
  3. Taking control of the situation.

Things Guys Say: Common Ways Guys Hint They Like a Girl

Are you still wondering what some hints are that a guy likes you? Knowing what guys say when they like you is half the battle.

Things Guys Say Common Ways Guys Hint They Like a Girl

The other half is knowing how they’ll act around you. Figuring out how to tell if a guy likes you can help you read between the lines, so you’ll know where you stand.

Here are some common behaviors and actions that can show a guy’s romantic interest in a girl:

#1 His language will become descriptive.

For example, he might say you look like an “angel that fell from heaven” instead of saying you’re “pretty.” He might also use terms of endearment like “sweetie” or “babe.”

#2 He tries to smooth-talk you.

He tries to smooth-talk you

He speaks to you differently from how he talks to others. If he likes you, he’ll be bolder when speaking to you or seem more interested in what you have to say.

You’ll also notice that even if he’s only asking you to pass the ketchup, he’ll use a deeper voice to show off his masculinity.

#3 He asks about your relationship status.

He’s interested in your love life if he’s into you – it will be one of his primary concerns. He might ask you or beat around the bush, but he wants to know if you’re single. He’ll also let you know in one way or another that he’s single and available.

His descriptive comments are an obvious sign that he likes you. Unless he’s a player, a salesman, or a good friend, a guy will never compliment you if he’s not attracted to you.

He might smooth-talk you and even brag about his job, possessions, skills, etc. He does this because he’s trying to impress you. And he’ll only try to impress you if he’s into you.

Things Guys Do: Body Language

1) He stares at you a lot.

Men are not very subtle when they’re attracted to a woman. He won’t be able to stop staring at youAccording to research, men tend to value physical characteristics.

Things Guys Do Body Language

They prize these attributes of their romantic partners more than women do. Thus, one of the signs he likes you is that he will look at your face a lot.

Or he might watch your reactions to different situations. He may even lock eyes with you during a group conversation.

2) He positions himself towards you.

Body orientation shows what we like or dislike. Thus, we lean towards the things we like and stay away from what we don’t care about.

So, if he likes you, he’ll always try his best to stay close to you. He will lean and even slant his body towards you – whether you’re standing or sitting.

3) He mirrors you.

Mirroring is when someone mimics or copies your speech patterns and nonverbal behavior.

He mirrors you

People will reproduce your nonverbal behavior, even on a subconscious level. Ask yourself these questions to see if he’s been mirroring you:

a) Does he practice fronting, i.e., angling his top, torso, and toes toward you?

b) Does he mimic your standing or seated posture?

c) Does he copy your vocal volume and cadence?

d) Does he use the exact words or language you use?

e) Does his facial expression change when yours does? 

4) He smiles when he’s around you.

You can’t help but smile when the person you like is nearby. If he always lights up as soon as he sees you, it could mean he has a crush on you.

But don’t jump to conclusions: he could be smiling at you because you’re his friend.

He smiles at you

5) He’s awkward or nervous when you’re around.

Guys can sometimes get a little bashful when they like someone. He might have a crush on you if he stammers, blushes, or get quiet when you come around.

Or it could be that he’s shy. Try touching his arm or giving him a little smile, especially if you like him too. It may help reassure him.

At this stage, it’s common to experience mixed signals. Your guy may act inconsistently or say one thing but do another. Mixed signals are not always intentional.

They are often a result of poor communication skills, which lead to miscommunication.

But sometimes, men send mixed signals on purpose if they’re not very invested in a relationship. It can also signify that they are trying to keep their options open and play the field.

So how can you tell if he’s into you? A sure sign is that he will be nervous around you. Sweaty palms, unexplained laughter, and fidgeting are some of the symptoms.

Guys like to be in charge, and they always want to be in control of their emotions. If you make him excited and nervous, he will have trouble doing that around you.

Let him relax, and give him space to show you that he’s a great guy you can depend on.

Texting: How Men Text When They Like You

When guys text someone they like, they may show some common behaviors, such as responding quickly, using flirty, playful or expressive language, initiating conversations, and showing interest in your life and interests. 

Texting How Men Text When They Like You

How guys text when they like you varies, but some techniques are consistent.

For example, a guy who likes you will text first. He will ask many questions about you, find reasons to talk to you, send emojis, make you laugh, and give hints for a date.

Tips and Advice

Common Mistakes Women Make When Mr. Right Comes Along

We’re happy you’re reading this article because girls often make mistakes when determining if a guy likes them.

#1 Desperate

For example, some girls end up chasing after guys that are bad for them. Such a pattern can make you look desperate and be a turn-off to your potential Mr. Right. Stop settling and hold out for the relationship you deserve.

#2 Being too Available

Another way in which women throw away relationships is by being too available.

Being too Available

We’re not saying you should play games, but at the same time, don’t drop everything when he extends an invitation. Take Sebastian, 34, from Chicago, for example.

Sebastian told Glamour Magazine, “When I was single, there were women I initially liked who seemed to be waiting by the phone for me to call, which let me know if I didn’t meet someone else I wanted to date, I had a standby.

There just wasn’t anything to work for, and that turned me off.” So don’t ditch your girlfriends when he calls. Let him work to be part of your circle and your life.

#3 Giving Up To Early

A third common mistake is giving up the cookie too early in the game. Sometimes it works out, but too often, it’s the wrong move if you’re looking for long-term love.

Men seem to prefer women who go on a few dates first, where they can start understanding each other.

From there, they can decide whether to take things further. Taking it slow and getting to know your guy is the surer way to get into a good relationship.

What If He Likes You, But You’re Not Interested?

What if he’s hinting that he likes you, but you’re not interested? Instead of playing games and trying not to hurt his feelings, be honest with him. Don’t ghost him or feed him endless excuses when he asks you out.

Why are You Friend Zoned

But be tactful. You can send him this text:

I enjoyed our date last night but don’t feel I want to go long-term. I was happy to get to know you, though – thanks for inviting me out!

You Think He Likes You, But You’re Unsure of His Feelings

And now for the other side of the coin: he’s hinting that he likes you, and you’re interested. You want to approach him, but you’re unsure of his feelings. Here’s how to do it:

Why are You Friend Zoned
  1. Reread the above sections about what guys do and say when they like a girl.
  2. If you see green lights, put on a confident smile and take the bulls by the horn.
  3. Ask him something like: We have a great time hanging out! I’m picky about the people I spend time with, but you passed the test. How do you feel about going out as more than friends?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if a guy is being friendly or if he has a romantic interest in me?

One of the dead giveaways is that he’ll find reasons to touch you. He’ll hold a hug for a few seconds too long, or he’ll “accidentally” brush your shoulder or arm.

The second giveaway is that he’ll invite you to do things alone with him. If his friends are always around, that makes him a social guy. But a guy with a crush will do all it takes to get to know you one-on-one.

The third giveaway is that he treats you better than other people. If he’s incredibly kind and sweet with you, it might signify that he’s got deeper, stronger feelings for you.

How do I know if a guy is only flirting or if he wants something more serious?

Sometimes you need clarification. You may think a guy who only flirted was trying for something more serious. It can cause you to make the wrong move.

How do I know if a guy is only flirting or if he wants something more serious

When a man wants a relationship, he will invest time in you. He’ll make plans to meet you and not ghost or leave you without any response.

He will also open up to you and be emotionally available. Thirdly, he will respect your boundaries and not force you to make hasty decisions.

How can you tell if a guy likes you secretly?

One of the surefire ways to know if a guy has a secret crush on you is he’ll listen to EVERYTHING you say. Even the bullshit. He won’t interrupt you but will pay attention. He will also be wary of competition, and you’ll see his face cloud over when you mention another guy. 

Also, pay attention to this specific behavior. Most people engage in it when trying to impress someone.

It’s this: someone cracks a joke, and everyone starts laughing. He looks at you (because you’re the person he cares to impress) before committing to enjoying the joke.

Before You Go

A guy will hint he likes you both by the words he uses and in his body language. You can also tell he likes you from the tone of his texts.

As you try to decipher if he likes you, remember to look out for the common mistakes girls make in your situation. We’ve shown you how to handle things if a guy hints he likes you and you’re not interested. 

We’ve also guided you on approaching the guy if you like him but are unsure of his feelings.

Why? Because we want you to trust your intuition and not be afraid to ask your guy directly if there’s any doubt.

It sounds scary, but it doesn’t have to be. If he’s not interested, at least you’ll know. And if it’s a yes, then the fun stuff can begin!

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