25 Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant

Do you want to find out if your boyfriend wants to get you pregnant? Have you been wondering, what are the signs he wants me to have his baby? Or, do you want to have kids and wonder if he feels the same way?

Within this article, we will provide you with a list of signs he secretly wants you pregnant. These signals will help you determine whether your man has baby fever and is ready to become a daddy!

25 Signs He Wants to Get You Pregnant

#1 He gets very excited around babies and children.

One of the main signs that your man wants to get you pregnant is when he gets excited around children. It categorizes women as being very excited and happy over babies. In contrast, men wouldn’t bother or couldn’t care less. You may have seen this trait in your boyfriend before.

But now, he gets overjoyed when children come around. His behavior toward kids has now changed. You even find him asking a lot of questions about the children.

For instance, what do they eat? How often do you need to change your diapers? And how to make the baby’s formula? He takes a lot of interest in the children as if he is low-key preparing himself for a junior.

He Loves Babies

#2 He talks about the future, which includes you

Ladies love when her man talks about the future and the stuff he has planned for her. We ladies tend to get pretty excited that he is taking this to the next level.

Meanwhile, we are blind to our boyfriends wanting to give us a baby. Dang! How did we not see that coming? According to Love Connection, your boyfriend may speak about future events.

When those thoughts involve you, he signals that he feels secure and wants you to be a big part of his life. This is also a major hint that he is ready to have a baby and start a family with you.

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#3 He is great with kids

Another key sign that your guy wants to impregnate you is his ability to cope with kids. A lot of males are good with kids. But recently, you may have noticed your man has gotten better with children. He is happy around kids and enjoys every moment. This can be a leading sign that he is dying to have a baby of his own with you.

If you feel the same way about the situation with him, that’s good. But if you’re not ready for that big step in your life, you need to inform him early. Do it before his mind gets fixated on the idea of giving you a baby. 

#4 He wants you to get off birth control

“This pill makes you look fat. Why are you taking this stuff? This is so unhealthy for your body. Birth control pills are not even effective!”

Do you catch your man saying that stuff to you? Is he begging you to get off your contraceptive pills? Girl, your man wants a baby now!

Sonya Schwartz from Her Norm has a solution for that. The article states that whenever he suggests that you get off your birth control pills, you have to ask him why.

This would give you a better avenue to finding out his motives. He may provide a fragile response, for example, “We already wear condoms.” You have to be very careful and note all the other signals, which may mean he wants a child now.

Why? This is because your man should be able to have a normal conversation with you about having sex. You should also be able to talk about other aspects related to sexual activities. He should not make it into such a critical decision-making process.

It says that your boyfriend may ask you to get off your pills to get closer to you. He wants to find out if you’re prepared for what he’s ready for.

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This doesn’t mean he wants to be a dad. Instead, he is prepared to open a mutual discussion on having a baby and positively do this.

He Wants You off Birth Control

#5 He always wants to have unprotected sex

According to Visihow, this is a significant sign. Unprotected sex means that your man wants to have a baby with you. One question for you- when was the last time your partner used a condom?

Let me guess, you cannot remember. Your boyfriend may stop using condoms during your sexual interactions. He often says, “You’re too good. I cannot control myself.”

This may be a signal that he is trying to give you a baby. You guys have been together for so many years, and the only reason you would use a condom is to prevent pregnancy. So if you realize he hasn’t purchased a packet in a minute, something is up, sis!

Furthermore, you may have let your man slide and have sex without a condom. When this occurs, your man will have an instant reaction to pull out to prevent ejaculation into you.

But recently, he is refusing to pull out. This is very serious, and you should try and avoid letting your man do that (unless, of course, you’re ready for a baby too).

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#6 He offers to babysit for family members or friends

Is your man offering that you guys babysit your little niece while your sister is out for the weekend? Under normal circumstances, you would take up the offer, but he might’ve beaten you this time around. 

Your boyfriend rushing into babysitting duties and being eager to look after kids is a sign. He may be signaling that he is ready for one. Often, babysitting duties will annoy your boyfriend to the extreme.

Now he is pretty okay with the idea and enjoys spending a lot of time with kids. You may also realize he doesn’t get annoyed as before when the children start crying.

It shows that he has developed a level of understanding about babies. This could be a leading sign he is ready for a baby.

He Offers to babysit For Family and Friends

#7 He’s obsessed with pictures of himself as a kid

According to Visihow, your man may pull this stunt. He takes out baby photos of him and his family, which makes him reminisce on his childhood.

This may be an inner desire to create a mini version of himself. When he looks at the photos, he develops a nostalgic look on his face.

This look is as if he is picturing what his firstborn would look like at that age. You may even try to ask him, “babe, do you want a baby already?’ And your guy will fumble or bypass your question. But all you need is that look in his eyes to know what’s up. 

#8 He tells you straight up

This is the most obvious signal that your man wants to have a baby with you. He comes to you and lets you know straight up that he is ready for this. Are you? 

Sometimes your boyfriend would inform you of his interest in making a baby with you. Caught by surprise? Many men want kids. Some would like to raise a family more than a lady would.

For this reason, your man coming to you with this topic shouldn’t come as a bombshell. You must find the correct time to have this crucial conversation with him.

If you’re not ready and you do not feel the same, that’s okay. You need to tell your man and come up with the best decision moving forward as a couple.

#9 He keeps talking about what your babies will look like

“He would definitely take your big nose!” “I’m pretty sure she would have her mom’s attitude.” “He has to grow up playing basketball like his dad!”

In most relationships, the “what my baby will look like” conversation starts with women. It’s not so much man talk. Yet, you realize that your partner is speaking about what

“Our” kids will look like. The traits of his family and yours may become a hot topic. He has become so intrigued in whose features the baby would take most of. 

If he may find himself thinking about it. It means that he sees the rest of his life with you and would love to start a family of his own with the woman he loves the most.

#10. Your boyfriend is starting to talk about baby names

“Babe, does Ayla rhyme with Akel and Makayla?”

Is your boyfriend quizzing you with such questions? When he is reading a book and stumbles upon a name that amuses him, he always mentions it to you.

Also, he would go as far as sending you text messages with little names attached with their meaning. Women are usually the ones who have a long list of potential baby names in their notes.

This habit is not always the case for men. This is where baby fever has reached about 80ºFahrenheit.

According to Ask April, fellas don’t speak about that stuff. That is, they don’t until it is time to have a child. As a result, this is a clear-cut sign that he is ready to send that tail flying.

He Starts Talking About Baby Names

#11 He begins to become very particular with his finances

Raising children takes a lot of responsibility from the parents. When preparing for a baby, one must ensure that one can take care of kids. There is a lot more to kids than having them.

According to Ask April, your partner may now come to you. He’s obsessed with putting the finances in order. He would even talk about paying off various debts and ask you to avoid unnecessary shopping as well as impulse buying because he wants to be saving most of his money and not spending it on avoidable expenses.

He would now be serious about his finances because he is ready to settle down and build a family. If he wasn’t so big on finances before, but now he makes it his main priority. That right there is an unmistakable signal that he wants to have a baby with you.

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#12 You realize he wants sex when you’re ovulating

A man who keeps track of your menstrual cycle is a man who wants to impregnate you! Most men do not know when a woman is ovulating.

But when a man wants what he wants, he would do all that it takes to figure out that time. Your guy may even go as far as checking the period tracker app you installed on your phone! He will use the days you are ovulating to schedule intimate times. You may not even notice this.

Sex is usually ten times better and more exciting during the peak of your ovulation period. IF he would plan your dates around your ovulating period it might be because he’s hoping that his dream of impregnating you comes through tonight!

#13 Your guy starts punching holes in the condoms

This may sound a little weird. Still, you have to be observant during your sexual relationship with your boyfriend. Yes, he will punch a hole in the condom to get what he desires. 

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. He may poke holes into the condoms right before sexual intercourse for two reasons.

It is either to impregnate you or to contaminate you with an STD. But, we are not worrying about the second possibility today. Pinching holes into the condom may be a sign that your man wants to ejaculate inside of you and have you make his child.

#14 He wants to have sex more than usual

Has your man’s sex drive been over the limit for the past few weeks? Does he want to get active no matter the time of day, place, or time?

That in itself is not a leading sign he wants to get you pregnant. It can be that he enjoys having sexual intercourse with you and is unable to control himself. Is he is the initiator most of the time? He may be doing all in his might to get you pregnant. 

They say that your man would even begin to touch you when other persons are present. These touches mean that he wants to be very close to you no matter where they go.

It is also signaling that he aims to get closer to you every day and that he may be ready to start his own family with you.

#15 He beginning to take better care of himself

A man will go through several different stages in his life. Usually, the phase right before a man wants a baby is when he realizes that he is not only living for himself.

Thus, he must make some positive lifestyle changes. Often, men who would like to become fathers stop the excessive partying.

They will start to focus on bettering themselves to be the best dad for their children soon. A wannabe dad would ensure that his weight and general health are intact.

This is so that he would have the whole experience of being a part of his kid’s childhood. So, is he going to the gym more? Has he started eating healthier? A junior may be on his mind.

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#16 Always compliments you on how great of a mom you will be

You may have handled a situation with your nieces and nephews. Your man notices and compliments you on it. Because you are good with children means does not mean that you are ready to have one of your own. He would have to respect your decision on when you would like to have your children.

Another sign is, everything that you’re engaged in, your man would praise you for it. For some reason, that praise always mentions babies and pregnancy.

For instance, you might’ve cooked a delicious dinner or gotten your nieces to quiet down to take a nap. He would then commend you on how awesome a mom you would be and say that any child would be lucky to call you their momma.

#17 He gets very close to your family

In any relationship, your significant other must meet your family. You’ll know when a man wants to spend the rest of his life with you and take the relationship to another level.

He will be very determined and eager to meet and fit in with your family. Our partner will make a solid effort to meet your family members. Why? Because he knows that those are the individuals you love. He wants to get closer to you, and he would do that through your family. 

It is almost as if he wants them to like him and develop that special in-law relationship. He wants them to see him as someone permanent in your life that is not going away.

This is a possibility that he wants a baby with you. It is essential to him that his kids have a strong relationship with all their family members.

#18 Talks about purchasing a house and being stable

Purchasing a house and settling down with someone can be a very crucial conversation to have.

It’s a possibility that your guys are now renting an apartment or decided to move in together. And he suggests that you buy a house. Girlfriend, your man has big plans! When raising a baby, you have to ensure that your area is comfortable and has enough space for a child.

For this reason, an apartment you and your partner rent may not be able to accommodate the child. With all that said, this is a good enough reason he wants a baby and would like to settle down with his family.

He Wants To Settle Down

#19 His reaction is different whenever you miss a period

“Wait, babe, did your period come?” “When last did you see your period?” “Babe, I am pretty sure I pulled out!”

In the past, this was your partner’s immediate reaction whenever you would miss your period.

He didn’t know how to tell you at that time but was often very blunt about it. Both of you guys were always in anxious fear. But as of recently, you realize you’re the only one nervous about the situation. He doesn’t pay any mind to you skipping a period.

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#20 Speaks about getting married

Marriage is a serious topic to speak about. Many people may not like the subject of marriage because they don’t see it for them. They would love to go down the old school route. For some men to have a baby with a woman, he must first call her his wife. 

He would come up with small talk about making the relationship official, and tell you that your parents always wanted them to get married. He also initiated that the wedding ceremony is as soon as possible, and it doesn’t have to be something big.

This is a good enough reason that he is ready for kids with you, but only when you marry him. He may be only ensuring the longevity, permanence, and stability of his family so that he can give his children the best and most conformable childhood. 

#21 You catch him following a lot of baby pages on his socials

Are most of his “for you” searched kid-related or do they have something to do with women pregnant? Is he asking you your opinion on various aspects to deal with babies and pregnancy?

Girl, your man is doing his research! A man may not admit when he wants a child. But if his mind starts going crazy with baby interest, you know that his baby fever is almost as hot as a boiling kettle. He may even begin watching kids’ animated cartoons and movies.

He is doing this because he may be wondering what it would feel like to be a child at this time. He may also be asking himself how it would feel to watch movies with future children.

#22 He says ‘We’ more

A man who wants to get you pregnant will try to avoid using words such as “I” or “you.” Instead, he begins to use the pronoun “we.”

This may seem farfetched, and most persons may not even notice this sign. But when they realize it, it will surprise them in a good way. This shows you that your man understands the importance of doing things together. He also knows the value of preserving it. For example, he makes major decisions such as joint bank accounts.

He may be thinking about saving for the future, especially for their children. And as a result, this may be a leading indicator that he wants you to have his baby.

#23 You find yourself not being able to break up with him

Do you feel sometimes your man may have cast an evil spell unto you? That he’s somehow preventing you from leaving the relationship? Here’s what Psych Reel has to say.

Your guy would speak about never letting you go in a very uncomfortable manner. Gullible, you will think he is crazy for you. That he’s being an over-protective and romantic boyfriend. But all he wants to do is to give you a child. Many people think that having a child will solve all their relationship problems.

This thinking is not based on fact. A man will not want to break up with you, even though the relationship isn’t working. This is a significant sign that your boyfriend wants to get you pregnant. We’d tell you to stay away from this relationship if you’re not yet ready to become a mother.

#24 He lovesss having talks about pregnancy and children despite how you feel about it

It is okay for a man to bring up kids and pregnancy if you guys have been dating for a long time. It may be the right time to let you know that he’s ready for a baby.

But what if you started dating someone new, and every time he insists that you guys speak about pregnancy, there is a problem! Even when you let him know that you’re not ready for that kind of commitment, he stills talks about it.

For this reason, you have to take a good look at the positives and negatives of the situation. If the cons outweigh the pros, it may be time to get out of the relationship as soon as possible. Things are sure to take a turn for the worse!

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#25 You’re still in the honeymoon phase of the relationship

The honeymoon stage is when everything about your relationship feels complete and correct. You and your partner are blind to everything else! In this stage, the couple’s bond is at its peak, and everything seems exciting. 

Sonya Schwartz from Her Norm puts it well. They say that this stage can actually make a man feel he can undergo anything for his woman. Having children is the most critical part of a relationship. He even thinks you can do that.

All in all, if your relationship is at this stage, you have to be very careful. Pay attention to the various decisions that you may make. You always have to remember that you should not make critical decisions in the heat of the moment.

Those pivotal choices you would have to make in life as a couple should be first discussed. Then, you need to come to a mutual agreement with your partner. 

You’re still in the honeymoon phase of the relationship

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a man sense when his girl is pregnant?

Yes, a man can know when he gets a lady pregnant. He may know it based on the period of conception. Besides, there is a condition called couvade or sympathetic pregnancy.

This is where a man experiences pregnancy symptoms. Thus, he may suffer from nausea, bloating, weight gain, etc.  

How do I tell my boyfriend I am pregnant with his baby?

You should tell your boyfriend immediately that you are pregnant with his baby. This is so that he can play an active part in the preparation of the baby.

For example, you can do this in the form of a surprise for your man, especially if you guys were trying.

How soon do pregnancy symptoms start?

Pregnancy takes up to 2 to 3 weeks after conception. A pregnant woman begins to experience symptoms about a week after pregnancy starts.

Should I self-check my stomach for pregnancy?

Self-checking your stomach for pregnancy is not a good idea. It would be wise to take a pregnancy test and visit the doctor for further confirmation.

How do you know if he wants a future with you?

To know if your man wants a future with you, you can observe his behavior. The most obvious sign is if he is open with you about everything (including having children).

If he’s into you, he will love sharing what’s going on in his life and talking to you about what he’s thinking and feeling.

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How do you know if he’s not serious about you?

If your guy is not serious about you, one of the first signs is that he won’t introduce you to the people he cares about.

Another sign is when he bumps you for friends and family: there always seems to be something more important than you.

A third sign is when he does not show interest in your history, or even in what you’re doing now. There are many other signs, but these three are the most obvious.

Do men get baby fever?

Yes, men do get baby fever. Some studies show that with age, men are more interested in having kids. That is in contrast to women who feel less of an urge or less interested in having children as they get older.

In Closing

Having kids is a blessing from God. It is a beautiful thing when you are prepared for it. You may notice that your boyfriend is acting funny. Follow each of the signs above to find out if he is ready.

Communication is vital in any relationship. You guys should be able to discuss your decision on pregnancy. You should be on the same page when you’re ready to have a baby and start your own little family.

Effective communication is also essential when trying to find out how he feels.

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