12 Questions Narcissists Can’t Answer

Excuse me, could you tell me…


Okay. Well, do you know if…


Why do you always…


It’s fun, isn’t it? Asking a narcissist anything they’re not willing to answer is frustrating to the point where it’s almost humorous. 

The thing is, narcissists don’t want to answer certain questions you have, because they’re too embarrassed.

You’ve stumped them.

You’ve flummoxed them.

Why would you do such a thing?

Luckily, I’m here to tell you what those questions are, and exactly why they can’t answer them.

Mind… Blank

Narcissists run into problems when you ask them certain questions. They like to talk about themselves, yes. However, if you ask them anything untoward, they will look at you like you’re a serious problem.

No narcissist on the planet is going to admit to being less than perfect – it’s not in their make-up.

You can ask questions, but they will not give you what you need. 

Their mind will range from complete blankness, to total shock and amazement, to almost laughter – depending on what you ask.

12 Questions Narcissists Can’t Answer

#1 What Has Hurt You The Most In Life?

Asking a narcissist something so personal is going to rattle their cage. Not because you overstepped a boundary, but because they officially have nothing for you.

They can’t answer what hurt them, because they don’t want to appear weak. They will lie and pretend nothing hurts them to you, and will act with gusto and almost mockery that you’d suggest such a thing.

Now, we know this isn’t true – but unfortunately, you aren’t going to get far with a narcissist. 

#2 Why is it So Difficult For You To Admit Your Flaws or Mistakes?

Pardon? Did you just ask me about mistakes I make?

Oh yeah, my bad.

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The narcissist can’t answer that question because they never make any mistakes.

Again, you and I know that isn’t true. They spend each day making various mistakes, and some are incredibly hurtful, but – not for them to admit to. 

They will reply with:

Well, I don’t have any flaws. 

They might even go as far as:

Well, my flaw is that I do love my chocolate.

Well, we all know that’s not a flaw – stop trivializing it. 

#3 Why Do You Feel The Need To Impress Strangers?

Oh my. Could you imagine asking a narcissist why they feel so compelled to impress people they don’t know?

I know I couldn’t be present for the narcissist’s reaction!

Narcissists want to impress, but they’re never going to tell you that. They will think you’re ridiculous if you so much as ask.

#4 Why Do My Differences Of Opinion Threaten You So Much?


Part of narcissism is that they have to have control, and if you are consistent in your opinions, they won’t like that they can’t alter them. 

They’ll never admit to liking being in control, so beware if you try to confront them about that.

#5 Do You Really Think Your Opinions Cancel Out Everybody Else’s?

 I will convert that for you:

Do you really think you’re better than everybody else?

The narcissist will be shocked that you’d get them so directly. They want to be the best, and have the most correct and factual opinions. Nobody else’s matter. 

What I will say here, is that the narcissist will see this question as a threat to the character they’ve spent so long building. 

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#6 In What Ways Do You Need to Grow and Change?

What?! I’m perfect just the way I am! Also, I don’t think this deep thinking is very good for anybody…

No, of course you don’t. That’s because you’re as deep as a small puddle. 

Don’t expect anybody toxic to want to get so pensive with you, because they aren’t designed that way. 

Besides, narcissists don’t need to change.

The notion!

They are just right!

#7 Why Do You Keep Criticizing Me?

Uh-oh. You’ve got them.

You’re confronting them with a question that they’re going to deny. Not only will they deny, they will fire back at you so hard that it will be you who is the problem, and not them. 

How dare you accuse me of being critical?

Think of all those kinds of questions, and expect them.

#8 Why Are You Nice To Everybody Else, Yet Unkind to Me?

Questions like this will confirm to the narcissist that you are onto them. You’ve sussed them out, and asking something so clear and concise will prove to them that you are working your way through their toxic traits…

…One by one. 

You’re telling the narcissist in this question that you feel they are unkind, not only that, it comes armed with accusatory themes.

They won’t answer this, because in doing so, they will admit that you’re right in what you’re assuming. 

#9 If You Hate Me So Much, Why Are You With Me?

Good thinking! If the narcissist is going to act as though they hate you, you’re eventually going to call them up on it, I get that.

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The narcissist should expect to be called out on their bad behavior by people who aren’t afraid to point it out.

Just don’t expect them to give you an honest answer, because they will deny hating you. 

Which only confuses you even more; their very intention!

#10 Why Do You Go Silent?

You’ll receive excuse after excuse with this question.

I’ve had a busy day.

I get tired from working, and you bother me the second I get through the door.

I don’t have much to say sometimes.

All of these are excuses, and they shouldn’t mean this permits them to use you to be silent with. It’s not fair, nor is it right. 

#11 Why Do You Always Complain About Other People To Me?

This is a slightly embarrassing question, and it will rile up the narcissist’s insecurities.

You have to remember that narcissists complain because they’re either jealous or intimidated by the success of others. 

When you pose this question, you’re giving them plenty of pace to admit that – but they won’t want to.

Instead, they simply can’t answer it at all.

#12 Why Are You So Jealous of What Others Have?

Annnd here comes the direct jealousy question! Let’s not skirt around the issue!

Narcissists will feel immediate shame when this question is thrust upon them, namely because they don’t want people to think they’re jealous. Being jealous means you assume those people to hold more power than you, which narcissists will never admit to.

They’re the ones in control, and your question takes that away from them. 

The rage will continue!

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