Self-Directed Narcissistic Rage

Introduction From the early 1990’s onwards Mel Gibson was the golden boy of movie land. From modern day action hero and romantic lead in the Lethal Weapon franchise, via classical inaction hero in Hamlet to double Oscar winner for Braveheart, Gibson could seemingly do no wrong. But by the early 2000’s his star had definitely […] Read more »

Why Many Celebrity Marriages Don’t Work.

The Narcissistic Personality Inventory was developed by Raskin and Hall (1979) based on the DSM-III criteria. A series of 40 questions are used for the measurement of narcissism as a personality trait in social psychological research. It is a standardised population test, though over time the scores which certain populations achieve have been getting higher. […] Read more »

Why Narcissists Need Minions?

It is now almost too long ago for popular memory. On 18th November 1978, Revd Jim Jones the leader of the People’s Temple cult, ordered his followers to commit an act of what he termed a “Revolutionary Suicide” in Jonestown, Guyana. Over 900 obeyed and the whole event was recorded on a chilling audiotape which […] Read more »