Was There Ever a Narcissistic Cave Man? – How Evolutionary Psychology May Shed Light On Narcissism

The Narcissistic Caveman

The Evolution Of Narcissism Almost everyone has a some grasp of how evolution of species has happened. Basically, in any natural environment there are pressures such as inclement climate, lack of food, water, predators etc. which threaten survival. Alongside this there are variations between individuals within a species. Some may have longer necks, be taller, […] Read more »

Are we Living in a Narcissistic Generation?

Is the current generation really more narcissistic? In the last decade, many books and articles distinguished the Millennials (born 1982 to 1999) as helpful, civically oriented young adults who wanted to save the planet. More recently, others have argued the exact opposite; they claim that Millennials feel entitled, are self-centered, and uninterested in anything other […] Read more »