6 Steps on How to Leave the Narcissist

Leaving a narcissistic relationship is one of the hardest, most devastating, break-ups you will ever endure. But survival is indeed a possibility. Narcissists are typically charming, captivating, intelligent and manipulative. They are difficult to let go of, plus it also means coming to terms with the fact that the person you loved was not the […] Read more »

Co-Parenting With a Narcissist

There is no such thing as co-parenting with a narcissist as they have no concept of teamwork or even cooperation. Perhaps the title would be more accurate if it read, “Parenting In Spite of a Narcissist”. Most often there is little to no “co-parenting” that occurs when your ex-spouse is a narcissist. You spend your […] Read more »

Do Narcissists Get Worse With Age?

If you are currently in a committed relationship with a narcissist, you may think your life is an enduring hell- or at least purgatory. You might wonder if you stick it out, will he get better with age, will he mellow out?  Unfortunately, there is not a longitudinal research study with a definitive answer. One […] Read more »

My Narcissist Boyfriend is Jealous of my Ex

It is not always obvious when a person has a narcissistic boyfriend… as narcissistic traits are not always immediately obvious. While there are different levels of narcissism, most narcissists are able to blend in with the rest of society. Symptoms of a narcissistic boyfriend include illusions of greatness, inability to emotionally connect with others, feeling […] Read more »

The Narcissist Remarries

Why would a narcissist get married? And why do they often rush to RE-marry? How can someone who has a history of cheating and lying, who lacks empathy and compassion, and who has proven that he/she has no desire of upholding their vows… get remarried? Narcissists often rush into marriage and then remarriage. If narcissists […] Read more »

The Narcissist Out of Control

The narcissist feels a compelling need to control people in his (or her) environment; his spouse or partner, work mates, friends and neighbors. That is because in his own mind he doesn’t feel in control; because he lacks feelings of internal control he has the strong urge to control whomever he can externally. He (or […] Read more »