The History of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

History Of Narcissism

A Short History Of Narcissism Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is “a pervasive disorder characterized by symptoms that include grandiosity, an exaggerated sense of self-importance and a lack of empathy for others” according to the revised fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR). Similar to other personality disorders (bipolar, histrionic, antisocial), […] Read more »

Questions about Narcissism Part 3

Question 1: How do I prepare to leave the narcissist? I have just started the attempts to get my life on track again after a year and a half of living with my seemingly narcissistic boyfriend and his definitely narcissistic mother. I feel like his mother brings out the worst in him, which further aggravated […] Read more »

Questions About Narcissism Part 1

Question 1: How to react on my Narcissistic Mother? I was reading your article posted about sons and daughters of narcissistic parents. My mother is narcissistic and I chose choice 3, four years ago. In December, I am attending my sisters wedding, that of which she is still in contact with our mother and will […] Read more »